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Assembly of a Unicycle

How To Cut Down Your Seatpost
The shortest seatpost we offer is 220mm. Any seatpost length will give you a range of 100mm in height. While this will be suitable for many people it may not be suitable for you. If you are too tall you can order a longer seatpost, if you are too short and don't want to reduce your wheel size a good option is to cut down your seatpost. By cutting down your seatpost you shift the range of heights available downwards. 

There are 2 basic ways you can shorten the seatpost:

  • Using a hacksaw
    Measure how much you need to cut off (keeping this to a minimum) and mark. Using a guide is preferred but not a must, start by setting the blade on the spot you marked on the seatpost and start cutting. The use of a flat and rattail file will clean up the edges and keep the seatpost from cutting anything.
  • Using a pipe cutter
    Measure how much you need to cut off (keeping this to a minimum) and mark. Gently tighten the blade of the seat post cutter to your mark, clamping it in place before rotating the seatpost. (Holding the handle of the seat post cutter turn the seatpost towards you otherwise it can spiral and damage your seatpost.) Tighten the blade gently every revolution.