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What Size Unicycle Should I Purchase?

What Size Unicycle Should I Purchase?

To check whether you are tall enough or need a longer seat post. Here is a rough guide. You will find exact sizes in the item description, remember these sizes are from your crotch to the floor with your shoes on, not your pants length. 

This is how to measure the Inseam:

You need to take a book (DVD case) and put it between the persons legs as if they were sitting on a Unicycle ( the same as sitting on a Bicycle seat).Now squeeze the Book between your legs, holding it as tight and as parallel to the ground as possible. Now with a measuring stick / measuring tape, measure from the ground to the upper edge of the book (please measure with shoes):




Leg Length

Leg Length

Leg Length


19.5" (50cm)

18.5" (47cm)

24" (61.5cm)


23.5" (60cm)




28" (71cm)

24" (61cm)

33" (84cm)


31" (79cm)

27" (69cm)



32" (81cm)

29" (74cm)

36" (92cm)


34" (86cm)

30" (76cm)

39" (100cm)


29.5" (75cm)

29.5" (75cm)

40.5" (103cm)

You also need to decide what you want to do with your unicycle. Here is a breakdown of the sizes: 

12" Unicycle This is a unicycle designed for a smaller child. It's good for children who are too small to ride a 16" unicycle, but it needs smooth ground and is not really good for outdoors. For children up to 5 year olds. 

Cut Down Seatpost: 18.5" (47cm) Minimum Leg Length: 19.5" (50cm) Maximum Leg Length: 24" (61.5cm) 

16" Unicycle This is a children's unicycle, the small wheel makes it only suitable for very smooth areas. Best used indoors or on smooth ground; not so good outdoors especially if it is rough or uneven, good for learning for 5 to 8 year olds (always check your childs leg length to be sure) 

Cut Down Seatpost: 20"(51cm) Minimum Leg Length: 23.5" (60cm) Maximum Leg Length: 29"(74cm) 

20" Unicycle Traditionally the most popular size of unicycle. These are great indoor, they turn quick and the best size for tricks.. They are great for unicycle hockey or basketball. They are used for Trials with a big tyre. The down side is that they make poor distance machines. Good for learning. 

Cut Down Seatpost: 24" (61cm) Minimum Leg Length: 28" (71cm) Maximum Leg Length: 33" (84cm) 

24" Unicycle This is a common size among adults. Good for outdoors on paths, off-road and open areas although it can be a little bit big for indoors unless you have access to large hall or gym. The bigger wheel can make some of the advanced freestyle tricks harder. Good learner machine. Good for Muni and Trials with a big tyre. 

Cut Down Seatpost: 27" (69cm) Minimum Leg Length: 31" (79cm) Maximum Leg Length: 36.6"(93cm) 

26" Unicycle This is a machine for Muni. If you are interested in off-road then this is what you need if you are not a beginner. These are also great street unicycles. Not really suitable for indoors. 

Cut Down Seatpost: 29" (74cm) Minimum Leg Length: 32" (81cm) Maximum Leg Length: 36" (92cm) 

29"Unicycle This is good for communting. The big wheel makes it fast and smooth. You can also use this for off-road but it's not so good for very rough terrain. Not as fast as a 36" but lighter and more nimble. For advanced riders. 

Cut Down Seatpost: 30" (76cm) Minimum Leg Length: 34" (86cm) Maximum Leg Length: 39" (100cm) 

36"Unicycle The commuting unicycle. If you are a speed fiend then consider one of these, they are fast and smooth. Not a learners unicycle at all and not for indoors. 

Cut Down Seatpost: 29.5" (75cm) Minimum Leg Length: 29.5" (75cm) Maximum Leg Length: 40.5" (103cm) 

These are approximate sizes only, check the catalogue for the model you want. The cut down seatpost measurement is there to show the leg length after you have cut the seatpost shorter. If your legs are longer than the maximum leg length for that size unicycle you can always purchase a longer seat post.