Giraffes / Ultimate Wheel

Buy a Giraffe Unicycle Online

If you’ve seen one of these comically tall unicycles and aren’t sure what it was called but always wanted to get one for yourself, look no further! It’s called a giraffe unicycle and it can be a great addition to your collection of unicycles. 

Buy a giraffe unicycle online and tackle this unique challenge. They’re not designed for speed or handling, but they are tops for one thing: entertaining a crowd. They’re great for stunt riders and performers. Juggling in the saddle of a cruiser unicycle is impressive enough, but imagine a crowd’s response if you do it in the saddle of a giraffe! 

A giraffe unicycle is also just another peak to summit. If you’ve tackled mountain riding and freestyle or trick riding, your next challenge might be conquering a giraffe - unicycle, that is. (Another great challenge would be learning to ride one of our odd bikes. Take a look at them, too!)