Child Elementary (approx ages 3 - 9) - 12 to 16

If you’re going to start them young, you need to be prepared with the right equipment for the job! 

These unicycles (child elementary (approx ages 3-9) - 12-16 inches) are the perfect size for most children and young learners since most young riders have smaller inseam measurements. These unicycles are sized just right for the youngest learners, with inseam measurements between 19.5 and 22 inches. 

An important thing to remember is that although these smaller wheels are more suitable for younger children and smaller riders, they don’t handle rough terrain well. They’re best for riding on even, flat surfaces - even indoors, if possible. 

Pick up one of these little unicycles and get your tyke started on the road to a life-long love of mastering the one wheeler! 

One more thing - don’t get one of these without picking up some unicycle safety gear to keep your little rider safe!