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“Your Unicycle Buying Guide”

“It’s me Josh”

Josh here from with the first part of “Your Unicycle Buying Guide.” Anytime you have questions, call me at 1-678-494-4962 . 1-678-494-4962, or send me an email at I’m here to help.

How to choose the right unicycle

A guide to learning about unicycles and knowing which unicycle is right for you

There’s a lot more to buying a unicycle than just wanting one. Color may be an easy decision, but what about wheel size, saddle and seat post height, and the other choices that go into finding the perfect unicycle? Before you choose one, read every word in this buyers guide and find out how to choose the right unicycle for you.

“I’m havin’ a great time out here…I had never ridden a unicycle until last year. Now, I’m cruising down to Starbucks and learning to ride off-road… Thanks Josh for helping me out.” Sam

Insights into buying the right unicycle

Sam’s message above got me thinking - how cool would it be to give you and every other person who visits the same experience as Sams. Here’s the problem – I’m not sure what I told him. So, I looked up his info and then called him up to ask, “What did I say that was so helpful?”

Here’s what we talked about…

Josh: Thanks Sam for doing this. I’m sure it’s going to help a lot of people.

Sam: No problem. Glad to help out.

Josh: Let's start with what you wanted to know when you called

Sam: I wasn’t sure which unicycle I needed.

Josh: How did you make your final decision?

Sam: I wanted to ride to my friends’ place and down into town where we hang-out.

Josh: What did I say that was so helpful?

Sam: I can’t remember all the details…you told me about the different kinds of unicycles, what my choices were, but what stuck with me is when you asked, «where do you want to ride?» and «what’s your inseam length?»…after that, you gave me a couple of choices.

Here’s another picture of Sam
showing off his new off-road skills

Josh: What were they?

Sam: The 24 inch Club and Muni

Josh: Which one did you buy?

Sam: The Club

Josh: That's a good choice since you were just starting out. I see you got the gel seat?

Sam: My friend likes it so much she's always wanting to ride my uni. I'm going to buy her one for her birthday.

Josh: I can also see from your pictures that you've moved up to off-road riding.

Sam: Yeah, I’m havin’ a blast…tell ’em all to jump in and get the unicycle they want.

Josh: Thanks Sam…

Keep reading to see which unicycle is best for you…

Which is the best unicycle for you?

Sam said I helped him the most when asking, “Where do you want to ride your unicycle?” and «What’s your inseam length?» From that, I simply gave him his choices. So, here’s what I’ve done for you...

Unicycle Buying Guide for beginners*

Where do you want to ride?Seatpost Sizes16 inch Trainer Unicycle20 inch Club Unicycle24 inch Club Unicycle
Beginner’s unicycles are for pavement riding only. 200mm 21-24 inch inseam 25-28 inch inseam 28-31 inch inseam
300mm 24-26 inch inseam 28-30 inch inseam 31-34 inch inseam
*Beginner’s chart is based on your inseam length. To measure your inseam, simply stand flat footed on the floor with your shoes on and measure the length from the floor to your crotch.

Recommended Beginners Unicycles

Our best unicycles at the best price


    Trainer round crown frame

    Hoppley saddle

    102mm steel crank arms

    20" club orange

    Club saddle with a front lift handle

    quick release seatpost clamp

    other color options available

    24" club green

    Club saddle with a front lift handle

    quick release seatpost clamp

    other color options available

Unicycle Buying Guide for experienced riders*

Where do you want to ride?Seatpost SizesNimbus II 20 inch UnicycleNimbus II 24 inch UnicycleWant a custom crank?
For on-road and off-road riding 200mm 25-28 inch inseam 28-31 inch inseam Option: Custom crank size options available during checkout
300mm 28-31 inch inseam 31-34 inch inseam
*Beginner’s chart is based on your inseam length. To measure your inseam, simply stand flat footed on the floor with your shoes on and measure the length from the floor to your crotch.

Recommended Experienced Unicycles

Our best unicycles at the best price

    20" nimbus II

    Nimbus Saddle with lift handle

    Durable 36 spoked doublewall wheel

    114mm aluminium cranks

    Available in Silver

    24" schwinn

    Schwinn black Saddle with front lift handle

    40mm stamped main cap bearing housings

    Hardened CrMo splindle

The Guarantee

«10 Years of 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed»

  • Feel confident that you can return unicycles bought at within 30 days from the purchase date for a full refund. Keep in mind, on occasion a unicycle is returned after misuse and unusual wear and tear, with the hope of a replacement, upgrade, or refund. This is outside of our 30 day unconditional guarantee. We’re reasonable, not crazy.
  • You also get our full 1 year manufacturer defect warranty guarantee for all the following beginner and experienced unicycle series mentioned here: Trainer Series, Club series, Nimbus series, Kris Holm series.

Here’s How To Order

Step 1: Choose your unicycle.*

Beginner Unicycles

Experienced Unicycles

*Custom orders should call 1-678-494-4962, or email me at

Step 2: Order online by Safe SSL Secured Server, or call me at 1-678-494-4962.

Step 3: Once your order has been confirmed, you’ll receive an Order Confirmation by email.

Step 4: Track your shipping here with the Order Confirmation Number.

You're going to be riding and your new unicycle in just a couple of days…and loving every minute of it.

You should know…as the largest maker and distributor of unicycles on the planet and being in business for over twenty years; and being a member the Better Business Bureau with an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee, your unicycle order is worry-free. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right.

The only thing left for you to do is start riding and enjoying your new unicycle. Choose the beginner unicycles or the experienced unicycles and get started right now. If you feel more comfortable ordering over the phone, anyone of us can walk you through the process at 1-678-494-4962.

Thanks for choosing,

Josh Torrans
General Manager


«We would like to thank Josh for all the help he has provided to Carter and me on unicycling techniques from the very basics of how to begin to ride to the more complicated such as pedal grabs, wheel walking, etc. We highly recommend any one starting out to seek expertise.»

-Peggy and Carter Davis


«Eight unicycles and two years later I am riding everything from Advanced MTN Trails to Road Rides «with my Son». My 12 year old daughter has also learned and now we have family Unicycle outings several times per week. The unicycle has been huge in building the self esteem for my children. It makes them feel special.»

-Mark Taylor


«Its easy to tell the people at are unicycle riders themselves because they have been able to answer all of the questions I've had.»

-Sam Kinsman

P.S. Want to learn more?

  • See more of our unicycles

  • View our unicycle accessories

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  • Ready to order? Call 1-678-494-4962 or order online by clicking on the beginner unicycles the experienced unicyclist series.

P.P.S. If you have questions, call me at 1-678-494-4962. 1-678-494-4962, or send me an email at I’m here to help.

buying guide

“Your Unicycle Buying Guide - Part 2”

Welcome to the second part of “Your Unicycle Buying Guide” where you will learn why inseam length is important for choosing the right unicycle.

By the way, have you figured out your inseam length?

Without it, buying a unicycle is guess work.

Buying the best unicycle at the best price is one thing. Getting one that also fits your body like a glove requires your inseam measurement.

Go get it now if you haven't already. Here's how: Standing flat-footed with sports shoes on, measure the length from your actual crotch to the floor (not from the crotch of your pants to the floor). Sometimes it helps if you get someone to measure while you stand upright.

What does inseam length have to do with buying a unicycle?

In short, inseam length helps you determine, «What is the best wheel size and seat post size combination?”

Once you know this and where you want to ride, you’re ready to choose a unicycle. For beginners, you’ll want to stick with onroad unicycles. Those of you switching over from mountain biking may want to look at the experienced-user series.

Choose a Recommended Beginners Unicycle

Choose a Recommended Experienced Unicycle

Wheel Size And Inseam Length

Riding a unicycle with too small of a wheel feels like you’re on a tricycle riding hard and not able to go long distances. Maybe on your first day of riding, it might feel helpful, but after you get the hang of it, you’ll want more freedom. Likewise, a wheel that’s too large gives you greater power to go longer, but what comes along with it is less control to turn and maneuver. This is why choosing the optimal wheel size and then the seat post size is the first step to getting the right unicycle.

Seat Post Size And Inseam Length

Seat post size is dependent on choosing a wheel size first, which in turn is dependent on inseam length. So, without your inseam length, you can’t choose the right seat post size, either.

If you have too long of a seat post, obviously, you’re going to have a difficult time riding a unicycle. And a smaller than desired seat post size is going to make you feel like the clown at the circus. This awkward position is also going to make your legs work a lot harder than they need to.

I think you get the picture: knowing your inseam length is going to make your ride just right.

buying guide

“Your Unicycle Buying Guide - Part 3”

Welcome to part three of “Your Unicycle Buying Guide”, where you'll learn some wheel size details and be introduced to the different categories of unicycles.

Do you know...24” means 24 inch wheel size?

I have to admit the first time I saw the term 24”, I thought it was the unicycle frame size. In my mind, it couldn’t have been the size of the wheel, frame, and seat all assembled. I had visions of a 24” unicycle (a 2 foot unicycle) being in the children's catalog, or something a silly clown would ride at the circus. «Where are the 72” (6 foot) unicycles?…I was thinking. Little did I know that 24” means 24 inch wheel size (width or diameter). And that unicycles are presented by wheel size.

Beginner Series Unicycles

(link) 16” - wheel size is mainly used by younger and shorter people who cannot fit a larger wheel comfortably. You’ll also see entertainers such as clowns and outdoor performing artists using them in their routines.

20” - wheel size is the most popular for beginners because it provides a balance between learning to ride a unicycle and trying basic tricks.

24” - wheel size gets you where you want to go in fewer wheel turns than smaller wheel sizes. It’s great for cruising the neighborhood and learning basic tricks and is the standard for unicycle racing.

How are 20» and 24» different?

The big difference between the 20 and the 24 inch unicycles is the size of the wheel. We recommend that if you are a child with an inseam 25 inches or taller, the 20 inch is perfect for you to learn on. Most beginner adults with at least a 28 inch inseam, prefer the 24 inch unicycle because the larger wheel rolls slower and is easier to keep control of. This wheel size is also more versatile for the adult who wants to ride around the community or go to the store.

In the next part of “Your Unicycle Buying Guide”, you’ll learn about all the different unicycles and who they are designed for. Although it’s beyond the basics - for you firsttimers and beginners - it will expand your vision of the unicycle world and show you some really cool stuff.

buying guide

“Your Unicycle Buying Guide - Part 4”

Here’s Part 4 of “Your Unicycle Buying Guide”, where you’ll learn all about the different types of unicycles and see some unicycle riding that will “WOW” you.

Check this video out about unicycling and then come right back…

Click here to watch the video trailer!

If you’re new to unicycling, that video has got to get you excited. I still like looking at what seems impossible become a reality on a unicycle.

Exploring Beyond The Basics

In part three of “Your Unicycle Buying Guide”, the Beginner Series Unicycles was discussed, and all the other categories of unicycles were introduced.

As a newbie to unicycling, you may not know all details about the different unicycle categories out there. That’s allright. Most unicyclists start out with the Beginner Series and then branch out from there. Just look and learn right now.

Let's Break Them Down

  • Cruiser
  • Touring
  • Commuter
  • Mountain Terrain
  • Trials
  • Freestyle
  • Giraffes

Cruiser - 24»

Cruisers overlap the Beginner Series with the 24» wheel size, but are separated from the pack because they are considered high-end beginner unicycles. Great for all-around unicycling cruisers allow you to ride for some distance and do basic tricks.

Touring - 26», 28», 29»

The bigger the wheel, the faster you can go. Increasing your wheel size to 26», 28» and 29» allows you to go faster and cover longer distances. You may also hear of Touring unicycles called 700c by cyclists because it’s the rim size used on most road bikes.

Commuting - 36» And Larger

Commuting seems shorter than “Touring”, but they cover more distance and at a faster pace because of the larger wheel size. So, think in terms of tire size for speed and distance rather than names.

Mountain Unicycle - 24» to 29»

Riding offroad has become the rage in unicyling in the past few years, just as mountain biking is popular with bicycles. In fact, unicyles can be riden in many places mountain bikes can’t touch.

As you can imagine, riding offroad requires a thicker tire with a beefier tread, longer crank arms for more leverage, and stronger parts for durability. And as with Beginners offroad riders usually start with smaller wheel sizes for greater control.


Hopping, jumping, riding over obstacles offroad, and doing tricks onroad without any obstacles is what Trial unicycles are all about. As with Rough Terrain unicycles, Trials need beefed up parts to withstand the constant pressure being put on them. Good trials really need a special hub and crank system called a ISIS hub and crankset.


In short, freestyle unicycles are for tricks. Think circus. Imagine Freestyle riders doing amazing tricks. Freestyle unicycles are durable and provide plenty of foot support on the fork crown for one-foot riding and other tricks. Indoor riding requires plastic-end pedals, plastic bumpers on the seat, and a non-marking tire to prevent damage to the surface.


It looks tricky to ride tall unicyles, but believe or not, they’re easier to ride than it looks. And a ton of fun. Being on a six foot Giraffe makes you look like a giant, but really your feet are only about three feet off the ground.

Giraffes can have multiple wheels stacked on top of each other. They drive each other by tire friction and are controlled by a chain drive, just like a bicycle. Lots of practice is a must but the rewards are a lot of smiles and wows.

Ultimate Wheel

Next time we will talk about one of the most important parts of the unicycle - the seat. But in the unicycle world it’s not called a seat. Do you know what it is?

buying guide

“Your Unicycle Buying Guide - Part 5”

Welcome to part 5 of “Your Unicycle Buying Guide”. In this section, you’ll learn about one the most important parts of a unicycle.

The All-Important Seat

Not to be confused with the seat post. Remember, the optimal seat post size and wheel size combination are calculated to choose the right height of your unicycle.

The seat is all about riding your unicycle in comfort.

By the way, in unicyle lingo, seat means saddle. So from here on out, we will talk about saddles.

Comfort Is Key

The best saddles allow you to ride the way you want without discomfort. . For longer distances a thicker Saddle such as the Nimbus or the Kris Holm Freeride is preferred, while Street Saddles should be ok for shorter rides.

  • Here’s our widely tested recommended list:
  • Kris Holm Freeride Saddle > maximum comfort for long rides
  • Kris Holm Street Saddle > for street, trials, flat and freestyle riding
  • Nimbus Air Saddle or Nimbus Air Cover > best long ride/short ride combo saddle
  • Club Saddle > Typical introductory saddle
  • Classic Saddle > minimal padding for beginners

Your Support Line

As always I’m here to answer your questions and help you choose the right unicycle and parts that will make your ride fun and comfortable. Call me any time at 1.678.494.4962 or email your question at

In the next part, we’ll put your unicycle together so that your ready to buy the unicycle you want.

buying guide

“Your Unicycle Buying Guide - Part 6”

When you got the first part of “Your Unicycle Buying Guide”, I explained that there was a lot more that goes into buying a unicycle than just wanting one

Doug’s experience in buying his unicycle was shared with you with the idea that it would give you some insights into what other people like you are wanting to know when buying a unicycle. Do you know where you want to ride your unicycle? and what’s your inseam length? That’s the first step to finding the right unicycle.

If you know the answer to those two questions, you can go look at the charts I constructed and choose the perfect unicycle for you. You can also see the most popular unicycles that are being ridden by other riders.

Choose a Beginners Recommended Unicycle

Choose an Experienced-Users Unicycle

Guarantees Are Important

That’s why the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee was explained. In simple terms without any fine print, it clearly states that you can return any product within 30 days from the purchase date for a full refund. You can also exchange any product within 30 days that has a manufacturing defect. Finally, you have a 1 year warranty for unicycles and parts from the date of purchase against any defects.

That’s a rock solid guarantee.

20 Years, worldwide service.

When you buy your unicycle at «» your order is totally worry-free. As the largest maker and distributor of unicycles on the planet and being in business for over ten years; and being a member the Better Business Bureau with an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right, or refund your money.

Choose a Recommended Beginners Unicycle

Choose a Recommended Experienced Unicycle

If you feel more comfortable ordering over the phone, Anyone of us can walk you through the process at 1.678.494.4962.

There It Is...

I hope “Your Unicycle Buying Guide” has helped you find the right unicycle. I can answer other questions you may have at 1.678.494.4962 or send me an email at

If you would like, send us some pictures. It makes our day to see the people we are helping out riding their unicycles.

Happy Trails,


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