Frequently Asked Questions


Can I order through an authorized dealer?

Yes! Our dealer network is made up of independent business people who love the sport of cycling. We support them, and we encourage you to support them, too. If your favorite local dealer has not yet joined our dealer network, we hope you'll encourage them to do so. Select the product you want, call your local dealer and ask them to place an order with us. We appreciate it!

Here is a link to our Dealer Network:


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Can I buy your unicycles from my local bike shop?
A. Yes, We do have a few Bike shops that sell some of our unicycles. We gladly invite all bike shops to carry unicycles from us. We will and do work with the staff in these shops for their unicycle knowledge so they can support the products correctly. If your local bike shop would like to carry unicycles for you have them contact us to become a dealer, we would love for them to be part of the family. No bike shop can possibly sell the full range of our unicycles… they just can not stock over 140 models of unicycle as we do.