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Selecting a Penny Farthing

Selecting a Penny Farthing

When buying a Penny Farthing it is important to know what size you require. You cannot just put the seat up or down!

A wheel that is too large or too small will result in an uncomfortable ride. For general riding follow that table shown below.  If you are looking at racing penny farthing, consider going to the size larger. If you are wanting to tour on your penny farthing then a smaller size will be more appropriate. The measurements are from crotch to floor with your shoes on and are a direct measurement.

• 30" inseam length = 48" Penny Farthing
• 32" inseam length = 50" Penny Farthing
• 34" inseam length = 52" Penny Farthing
• 36" inseam length = 54" Penny Farthing

There are many things that effect the size of wheel that can be ridden. These are:

• Saddle type - some saddles have a lower profile than others.
• Riders position on the saddle - some riders prefer to ride on the front of the saddle, this increases the reach.
• Crank length - If the standard crank length is changed then the reach changes.
• Riders pedal position - some riders like to pedal using the ball of their foot, others in the middle.  This changes the reach possible for riders.

These are recommended "rules of thumb" only, and not written in stone.  If you are not sure give us a call and we can discuss.

How to Assemble a Penny Farthing

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