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Nimbus Nightrider 36" Lite Tire

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The Nimbus Nightrider 36" Lite tire has an innovative cross-cut tread pattern that offers a huge improvement in performance and control. The 2-ply construction makes it one of the lightest 36" tires on the market and it's rated to an impressive 65 PSI. This tire handles better, is more responsive and gives the rider better feedback from the road. 


  • Size: 36 X 2.25 inches
  • ISO: 787mm
  • Construction: 2-ply
  • Pressure Rating: 35–65 PSI (250 450kpa)
  • Tread Pattern: Cross-cut block style - great for both road and trail riding.
  • Weight: 1.310kg / 2.93lbs (+/- 100g)
  • TPI: 60



Wheel Size:
36 inch
Max Pressure:
Tire Width:
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  1. Now this new tire: just wow ! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 1st 2018

    My last G36 ride was 6 weeks ago.

    After that I only rode my not-geared 36er once one week later and that's all. So my stamina is down to zero.

    My experience with 36er tires is:
    TA tire (2100-2300 gm) on my Qu-ax ungeared 36er
    Nightrider (1750-1800gm) on the same Qu-ax 36er
    King George (1750-1800 gm) on the G36
    And now the Nightrider Lite 1400gm on the G36
    The tube I used with this tire is the same as with the KG :a Michelin Airstop butyl A3 700x35-47 with schraded valve, 170 gm.
    The tire was inflated at 52 PSI/3.5 Bars.

    This test was during a 1h45-2h ride on a 22 km loop that has mixed parts, some complicated, some way easier and clear (bike path), a bit of uphill, a bit of downhill. Some front and side wind, cold but sunny, and with some pauses to take pictures.

    This was also the opportunity to test my latest DIY on the X-Chromosome Handlebar and my new audio Mp3 stuff, but I will focus on the tire.

    Now this new tire: just wow !

    I immediately felt the 400gm of rotational weight saved in comparison with the KG.
    First the freemount. My freemounting technique is special: I freemount the uni and immediately do few hops in order to move my second foot until it is exactly where I want it to be, then only I start to pedal.
    Each time I did it It was noticeably easier than how it used to be.

    Second, accelerations : the wheel is more reactive when I want to accelerate or when I want to slow down.
    The resistant torque at the pedals feels lower.

    It's still a 36er tire with some inertia, but it's clearly a step toward smaller unis in term of feeling.
    In low gear, with my 150 spirit cranks I could easily ride at 12-13-14 mph (19-22 km/h).
    In high gear I found the guni stable, Sometimes the resistant torque at the pedals was in high gear nearly like what it used to feel in low gear with the previous tire.

    I didn't dare to go faster than 26.8km/h (16.75 mph) in high gear because I didn't want to take any risk with this random wind, but I was quite comfortable at 15-16 mph and I didn't feel the need to go faster.

    The transitions from low to high gear (or from high to low) were smooth, so I shifted way more often than I used to.
    The inertia being lower, keeping a constant cruising speed in low gear may demand a bit more energy, at least theoretically , but in another hand, like I said, it's easier to accelerate and to slowdown.
    Which leads to the third point: manoeuvrability.

    I found it clearly easier to handle, to make sharp turns, to control exactly where I want to go on complicated situations.

    There again it feels a bit more like a smaller uni.
    also uphills were easier.

    4th point: Sensitivity to Road camber :
    Where the hell is it gone? On this loop I use to struggle with camber sensitivity on several parts, but with this tire: it never happened. I mean .. it NEVER HAPPENED !

    5th the buzz sound : well I can't tell, I was riding with Joe Satriani playing his electric guitar just behind me
    But the few times I turned it off I don't remember hearing anything.

    As a conclusion about this new tire: It's the lightest one on the market right now and I pretty much felt it :
    easier to accelerate and to slowdown.
    It's not only lighter, I found that it performs better than my previous tire in term of manoeuvrability.
    Very low sensitivity to road camber, which is a big plus to me.
    It was nearly like If I never stopped to ride, (except that I was suffering from low carb at the end).

    I was supposed to be an extremely short test ride, but I enjoyed it so much that I just continued to ride.
    I want to thank Unicycle UK-Staff for this great job on the new 32 and 36 tire. it seems that it was complicated to make it possible, but you did it! well done.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this review of the new 36er tire.

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