Nimbus Lite Inner Tube - 32"

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product description

These Nimbus tubes are lightweight and have taken the 32" commuter world by storm! These tubes are explosion proof and will form an airtight seal around the nail or glass, slowing down the leak. This gives the rider extra time before they have to fix the leak. ( We have even seen this tube fixed with a lighter.)

Please note: These tubes are made from unvulcanized rubber which is lighter than traditional rubber but more porous. This means it is normal to lose 5psi to 10psi a night.

Not recommended for rims with cutouts/holes.


  • Valve type: Schrader
  • Material: EFT - highly polymerized un-vulcanized rubber composite. When punctured, the material forms and air-tight seal retarding the leak speed giving the rider extra time to make safe repairs.
  • Weight: 30% lighter than traditional tubes, EFT have a density if only 0.88 g/cc compared to that traditional tubes which can have densities up to 1.3 g/cc.
  • Elasticity: The elasticity of EFT make them resistant explosion and pinches providing added safety for riders.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from modified thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE), EFT can be recycled with other TPE products protecting the environment by minimizing waste.
  • Weight: 240g / .50lb

Not recommended for rims with cutouts/holes.