Nimbus Equinox 20" Pro Frame Set - Black - 300mm

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product description

Designed to be the best freestyle unicycle frame on the market. This is the big brother of the Eclipse, but in black. Radically redesigned to increase strength and rigidity beyond what was the already well respected Nimbus Equinox.

The frame is sold tailored to your requirements. Comes with seatpost and seatpost clamp.

The Nimbus Equinox frame was part of a range of a world championship winning freestyle unicycles. The Pro version of the frame has pushed the boundaries of excellence even further.

To help increase rigidity and strength the frame has a new 30.8mm seatpost and 34.9mm seatpost clamp. These are supplied with the frame.

The Equinox frame, unlike the slimmer Eclipse will fit the standard 100mm ISIS hubs. It also has a wider crown and greater clearance to allow for larger tires.

The frame is a super stiff aluminum construction, giving the rider a very responsive feel enabling greater control. The knurled oval crown is excellent for foot placement during one foot and stand-up tricks. This frame also has a reinforcement insert hidden inside the top of the crown to give extra rigidity and strength.

The Equinox Pro is part of a range of high-end unicycle frames.


* Super lightweight construction 
* Frame: Aluminium AL6061-T6 frame 
* 42mm bearing 
* Reinforced seat tube 
* 30.8mm seatpost size
* 34.9mm seat post clamp size
* Low crown to tyre clearance 
* 120mm wide ovalized knurled crown - ideal for stand-up tricks 
* Hard anodised silver finish 
* Narrow machined bearing housings 
* Standard bearing pitch - 100mm 
* Supplied with single bolt 34.9mm seatpost clamp
* Supplied with 30.8mm seatpost (up to 300mm long)


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20 inch