Nimbus 36H Hub

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product description

Ultra high strength ISIS spline CrMo spindle. Built to be more robust and durable than the traditional cotterless, or standard splined hubs. Compatible with all 42mm bearings and 42mm machined frame housings.

Note: This hub utilizes 42mm bearings, and is compatible with 42mm frame/bearing housings only.

Should you want to build the wheel, here is a link to the spoke calculator so you can find the correct spoke length you need.


  • ISIS spline is strong and creak free
  • Tempered 4130 CrMo spindle
  • Wide flange spacing for increased wheel strength
  • Flange material hardness and shape are designed to maximize spoke strength
  • 2 x M12 x 1.0, 16mm long ISIS bolts
  • Sealed, 42mm bearings with standard 100mm spacing-included
  • 36 spoke holes
  • Comes with pair of ISIS bolts
  • Weighs: 1.4 lbs (including bolts and spacers)

Hub Detail:

These will fit all ISIS cranks except Koxx ISIS cranks.

Note: this hub will not fit in frames with machined bearing housings designed for 40mm bearings. It requires either pressed bearing housings or frames machined to take these larger bearings.


Bearing Size:
Number of Spokes:
36 Hole
Type - Bearings:
ISIS 42mm