Wheel Build Labor


product description

If you would like us to build your wheel for you we are offering 2 levels of service.
Level 1: is building wheels 12" to 29".
Level 2: is building wheels 32" to 36" and these take a little more time and expertise to build.

Choosing us to build your wheel will take approximately 10 business days or less turn around time. Please plan appropriately if you will have a deadline. We appreciate you're patience when choosing this service.

Please make sure you choose the following items before submitting your order, failure to do so will delay your order:

  • Hub
  • Spokes (all spokes come with brass black or silver spoke nipples, if you prefer a color then choose them separately and add to order.)
  • Rim
  • For any questions or comments for your order or about it please email or call 678-494-4962