Crank Arms & Parts

Swapping out your crank arms for larger (or smaller) sizes can help you better dial in your unicycle. With the right type of crank arms, typically cotterless or ISIS, you can get a custom fit that is more comfortable and more effective for your preferred discipline.

Our assortment of crank arms & parts makes getting that perfect adjustment even easier. Just see our collection here, make sure you don’t miss our selection of unicycle tools, and if you have questions about removal or replacement, call us at 678-494-4962.

The crank arms and cranksets you pair with your unicycle do more than simply impact its appearance - they will also impact the performance of your equipment. In addition, certain styles of cranks are more durable than others. For example, while square taper cranks (A.K.A. cotterless cranks) are common on many beginner unicycles, they are not as durable as splined cranks like ISIS cranksets. Removing and installing different cranksets also requires specific tools and knowledge; for more information on crank bolts, crank pullers, torque wrenches, and removal, please see our F.A.Q. section or call us at 678-494-4962.

The length of the crank arms you pair with your unicycle will affect how much control you have over it. Remember, longer crank arms will give you greater leverage and control but at the cost of speed by not being able to pedal as fast. Shorter cranks are better for speed as you can spin faster circles but you loose leverage and control of the wheel due to the crank being a shorter lever. Just make sure you get a length compatible with your ideal use and wheel size, as well as the right type of cranks (splined cranks like ISIS or square taper cranks, depending on what sort of hub axle interface your unicycle has). Call us if you have questions about compatibility.