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Nimbus 26" Oracle Mountain Unicycle

Usually ships in 24 hours

Product Description

The Nimbus Oracles are built to go big and shred hard, whether you're ripping downhill or pedaling uphill.  This feature rich model has what it takes for you to ride all day.


Saddle: Nimbus Stadium (black/red) with front lift handle and brake mount. Click Here for Replacement
Seat post: 25.4mm x 300mm aluminum, welded rectangular mounting bracket. Click Here for Replacement
Seat post clamp: Nimbus (red) double quick release, aluminum, 31.8mm Click Here for Replacement 
Frame: Nimbus Oracle 26" (black) 6000 series aluminum with 42mm machined maincap bearing housings, with welded disc tab Click Here for Replacement
Hub/axle: Nimbus 36H A/S Disc ISIS Hub 100 mm center bearing to center bearing Click Here for Replacement
Spokes: 14G. stainless black (Disc side 251mm 3x, Non-disc side 254mm 3x) with silver nipples Click Here for Replacement
Rim: Nimbus Dominator 2, 26" (red) 36H, 42mm wide, aluminum doublewall, reinforced eyelets, ERD - 492mm Click Here for Replacement
Rim strip: Rubber
Tube size: 26" x 2.7"- 3.0" Click Here for Replacement 
Tire: Duro wildlife leopard 26" x 3.0" Click Here for Replacement
Crank arms:Nimbus VCX (gray) 150mm Click Here for Replacement 
Pedals: Nimbus black plastic with metal pins andCrMo axle with 9/16" threads Click Here for Replacement
Bearings: 42x22x12mm Click Here for Replacement 
Brake: Magura Disc 30" line (black) 180mm rotor, mineral oil
Approx. cycle weight: 15 1/2 lbs with brake


Minimum Inseam Length:
28" (71cm)
Type - Unicycle:
Type - Seatpost Clamp:
Double Quick Release - 31.8mm
Seatpost - Diameter:
Color - Frame:
Color - Rim:
Type - Crank:
Crank Length:
Type - Pedal:
Bearing Size:
Cycle Weight:
15 lbs.
Wheel Size:
26 inch
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  1. I can go anywhere now! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 9th 2017

    After riding a few other unicycles, I was always worried about breaking a crank arm or bending a rim... with this one, I don't have that fear. It's heavy duty enough that I can go on the roughest trails or switch out the tire and cruise down the street with style. One of the best buys of my year so far. Thanks for a great Uni.

  2. Very nice muni 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 14th 2017

    After 6 months on a 20", I decided to add this 26" and have not once been unhappy with my purchase. I can now keep up with my kids on their bicycles, ride asphalt/gravel roads with ease, single track mtn bike trails are no problem, etc. The included Duro tire is pretty heavy, but rolls over most things without worry and can actually be used in some sand. The disc brake was very surprising: it has lots of stopping power but is easy to modulate and control for long downhills. All around a very good purchase, and a good compromise between road and trail ability.

  3. Awesome Muni 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 7th 2017

    I bought this muni from a couple of weeks ago. First, I was very impressed at how fast it got here (3 days!). At first I balked at the price, but after one ride I was positive this is the best muni for the money. I opted for the stock seat, 300mm seat post, and the 150mm cranks. I get much better speed with the shorter cranks, and I haven't had much trouble on the uphills. Some reviews said the Duro Wildlife tire was too aggressive, but I think its great. Traction is great, I can ride through loose sand without much difficulty. The handle on the front is nice too. Disc brake is one of the best investments I've ever made. It turns the long downhills into rest breaks! I decided to go with the 26'' to get a little more speed and be able to roll over larger things. I would highly recommend this muni for anyone looking to get into this awesome sport.

  4. Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 3rd 2015

    This uni is great for climbing steep rough terrain, and riding back down. It is solid smooth and just a great unicycle. The tire is awesome you can go from mud and rocks to sand with no worry. The only thing I don't care for is the brake mount, it leaves the brake handle out just a little to far for me.

    I purchased the kris holm free-ride seat, kris holm 165/135 cranks, and brake handle. This unicycle is absolutely awesome. had messed up my order a little, a missing brake mount and the wrong seat, but they were absolutely awesome to work with. I give them five stars even with the mistakes.

    Awesome unicycle, and people.

  5. Great unicycle, however.... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 22nd 2014

    Great unicycle! And it would be great to give this an overall of 5 stars based on quality; however, for $650 bucks I would expect the cable ties for the brake to last more than 5 days; and mind you that is 5 days not on trails.

    The upsweep of the saddle is a bit much; or perhaps after 50 plus years on road and mountain bikes I am used to the minimalist saddle.

    Tire is big and beefy; I think there is more surface area on that one 3 inch tire than on both my mountain bike tires combined.

    My son (who is a good unicyclist) prefers it over his 29er Kris Holm Mountain; it performs very well in my apple orchard with very bumpy orchard grass and he likes it on the road; it does well in the gravel driveway.

    While I am very conversant and experienced with bicycle mechanics I did not find the brake handle attachment intuitive; my first thought was to pull the whole seat off; however I did call Josh ? I i did learn a better method; a method that should have been included with the bike.

    All phone inquires were returned; email questions prior to purchase were not really answered (i.e., I received an answer but not an answer to my question).

    This is the second unicycle my family has purchased from and would buy from them again; product delivered on time and in excellent condition; but the cheesy cable ties...

  6. Marvelous 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 19th 2013

    This is the absolute best stock 26" uni you can buy!! Even better than the KH 26". You can feather the disc brake so nicely!!

  7. I love my Oracle! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 1st 2013

    Purchased before Christmas, at an awesome sale price, and have already put nearly 70 miles on this unicycle in just over a month.

    I don't quite understand the issues that the person in the first review had with the brake assembly....I had the unicycle assembled and ready to ride in about 1/2 hr with no problems installing the brake lever and no adjustment issues. I will say that should probably make up some assembly instructions that are specific to the Oracle, instead of just including the standard assembly instructions and the manufacturers info for the disc brake. For example, I've worked on enough bikes and ridden unicycles enough to know that the brake lever needs to mounted far enough back so that it doesn't strike the ground if you drop the uni. This kind of info would be what I would expect to see on assembly instructions specific to the Oracle.

    The build quality of the unicycle is excellent, and I found the disc brake to be really easy to use and very handy on the trail. I really like the hub-mounted design of the Oracle disc.

    The Duro tire is pretty heavy, but performs like a champ on the trail and I've ridden it without any problems on pavement too. I'll probably swap it out for a lighter tire in the spring, but for the winter riding that I'm doing now, it's perfect.

    Overall, I think the Oracle is a much better value and a better looking unicycle than a similarly equipped Kris Holm, and for me, the 26" is the perfect size for the types of trails that I ride on.

  8. Love it now, but not perfect out of the box 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 16th 2012

    First off, gotta say I love this MUni. Ride it every day, on trails and street.
    But I had to spend a little time tweaking it.
    First problem out of the box: The brake assembly. The rounded tube, welded to a flat plate, extends so high dorsally that I spent an hour in my garage looking for the correct combination of spacers/risers/washers to elevate the plate enough that I could use the supplied allen screws to attach to the seat.
    Second problem: Brake lever angle. The distal end of the brake lever bends downward at about 45 degrees, making the reach to grab it just about impossible. I cut it off at the angle, attached a solid rubber ball, and it works fine. But I was a little ticked to use a hacksaw on it the first day.
    Third problem: The standard 3" Duro Leopard tires.....really? Seriously? Bit of overkill, I think. I felt like a toddler riding a monster John Deere tractor tire. Now for some blokes, this may be just ducky- but I wonder about the decision to make this the standard tire. I swapped it out with a 2.6" tire with slightly lower studs, and it rides great on any off road terrain.
    Now that I have it tweaked, I absolutely love it. No problems at all with workmanship- the welds are clean and straight. The gel saddle works fine, and the brakes are excellent.
    Now I have no excuses for my riding- better get out there and practice.

  9. The complete package! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 14th 2012

    I had this unicycle out-of-the-box and fully assembled in minutes. I was riding the single-track at my local Mountain Bike park that same day. The “standard” configuration is near perfect and I’m glad that I tried riding it as-is before I did any customization. Some may criticize UnicycleDotCom’s (UDC) choice of the Duro Wildlife Leopard 26” x 3.0” tire as being to heavy but I found it performed very well at low (10-12 psi) pressure rolling over rocks and roots with ease. It’s like riding on a cushion of air! That being said, the 26” tire choices are endless and I did end up swapping the Duro and it’s DH tube for a 26” x 2.5” Maxxis HighRoller with a Freeride (1.2 mm thick) tube. The savings in rotational weight is substantial.

    I am glad that I took UDC’s suggestion to get 165mm Venture2 cranks. The extra leverage (as opposed to the 150mm “standard” cranks on the 24” Oracle) outweighs any risk of pedal strike. The Venture2’s have zero Q factor so can you spin smoother circles with reduced wobble. I’m no speed demon so I prefer the added stability (I don’t mind my feet being a little further apart) of Kris Holm (KH) Moment crank arms with a little bit of Q factor. I had a pair of KH 165/137’s on hand so I swapped them out and found that I really enjoyed the 137 hole on hard pack but I still need the 165 hole for technical downhill. My suggestion (especially if you will be switching to an XC tire as I did) would be to spend an extra $13 and get the Moment crank arms even though they weigh an extra 123g (586g - 463g).

    On saddle choice, I spent an extra $15 to upgrade the black Nimbus Gel saddle to a KH saddle mainly for cosmetic purposes because the red saddle cover matches the color scheme and gives my Oracle that extra bit of pizazz. I do prefer the numbness-relief-channel of KH saddles for riding distance on my 36er where I keep most of my weight in the seat. Riding MUni has me standing on the pedals way more often so saddle soreness is not really an issue. This one is a toss-up and could go either way. As with crank arms, saddle choice is really a personal preference.

    What can I say about the disc brake that wasn’t already said in my Impulse 36er review? I’m not that talented and this disc brake was incredibly easy (silky butter smooth modulation that does not grab hold to throw you off the front) for me to use starting day one. If you’ve ever been caught out in the rain with Magura Hydro rim brakes you know they don’t work nearly as well when wet. Not to mention, if your wheel gets slightly out of true, rim brakes do tend to rub which is annoying when you are climbing that big hill.

    I new aluminum frame only weighs 525g (602g with cups and bolts). I like the round crown design. I have not hit my knees yet! I also like the brake hose groves and clips (saved originals and used zip ties).

    The customer service at UDC is second to none. I ordered my Oracle on the Friday that it hit the market and it arrived undamaged (there is an art to packaging) on my doorstep the following Tuesday. That is less than 3 business days! And, since my order was over $300, UPS Ground shipping was free!

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