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Customer Experiences

Nimbus 24" Oracle Mountain Unicycle

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Product Description

The Nimbus Oracles are built to go big and shred hard, whether you're ripping downhill or pedaling uphill.  This feature rich model has what it takes for you to ride all day.


Saddle: Nimbus (orange) with front lift handle and brake mount Click Here for Replacement
Seat post: 25.4mm x 300mm steel or aluminum with a welded rectangular mounting bracket. Click Here for Replacement
Seat post clamp: Nimbus (orange) double-quick, aluminum, 31.8mm - Click Here for Replacements 
Frame: Nimbus Oracle 24" (black) 6000 series aluminum with 42mm machined maincap bearing housings Click Here for Replacement
Hub/axle: Nimbus 36H A/S Disc ISIS Hub 100mm center bearing to center bearing Click Here for Replacement 
Spokes: 14G. stainless black (Disc side 227mm 3x, Non-disc side 229mm 3x) with silver nipples
Rim: Nimbus Dominator 2, 24" (orange) 36H, 42mm wide, aluminum doublewall, reinforced eyelets, ERD - 492mm Click Here for Replacement
Rim strip: Rubber
Tube size: 24" x 2.7"- 3.0" Click Here for Replacement
Tire: Duro wildlife leopard 24" x 3.0" Click Here for Replacement
Crank arms: Nimbus VCX (gray) 150mm, ISIS splined, Click Here for Replacement
Pedals: Nimbus black plastic with metal pins and CrMo axle with 9/16 threads Click Here for Replacement
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm - Click Here for Replacement 
Brake: Tektro Auriga SUB Disc, 180mm rotor, mineral oil, white
Approx. cycle weight: 15 lbs with brake


Minimum Inseam Length:
28" (71cm)
Type - Unicycle:
Type - Seatpost Clamp:
Double Quick Release - 31.8mm
Seatpost - Diameter:
Color - Frame:
Color - Rim:
Type - Crank:
Crank Length:
Type - Pedal:
Bearing Size:
Cycle Weight:
15 lbs.
Wheel Size:
24 inch
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  1. Built like a tank for this newb.... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 13th 2017

    I knew zero about unicycling, and only 1 thing about mountain unicycling: I want to learn it! My friend who introduced me to the sport showed me his 26" Oracle. I agonized for a little while between the 26" and 24". In the end I went with the 24", and I couldn't be happier. This thing is built like a tank, which is good, because I'm putting it through its paces while learning. Thanks!

  2. Nice unicycle but having problem with nimbus gel seat 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 16th 2016

    Had it less than 2 weeks and a nut came off brake mount under the nimbus seat. Unfortunately the bolt threads only stick out about 1/8"from the brake mounting plate and in process of replacing the nut the bolt threads stripped. If more bolt was sticking out say 1/4" it would not have stripped when tightening it down. The bolt is built into seat so no easy way to replace it with a longer bolt. Getting a replacement nimbus gel seat if the bolts do not stick out any further I will pay for the KH free ride seat. The KH seat has the bolts that screw into the seat which is probably a better set up. Otherwise very happy with the seat and unicycle.

  3. Strong, light, responsive - great value 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 4th 2015

    What I knew about the Oracle 24 before I got it was that the dominator rim is one of the most indestructible rims on the market, and that the tire that it comes with, the Duro Wildlife Leopard 3.0 is a great tire for this size of wheel for technical muni (this tire also comes stock on the KH24). However I used to have a 24 inch muni that had a Kris Holm Freeride rim. The Freeride rim is a tad wider than the Dominator rim. This really creates a very different ride characteristic even when using the same tire. I think both have unique advantages.

    With this rim and tire, the Oracle turns very well, very quickly. This tire/rim combo also has a very nice bounce characteristic which you can dial in with tire pressure to your liking. I noticed that when doing correctional hops on the Oracle 24, I was able to do so with great ease - it has a really smooth and controlled bounce. So what I found with this setup was a muni that turns very smooth and effortlessly, and requires very little energy for technical terrain that requires controlled hops.

    I had a lot of cranks already in my possession so I just took the stock cranks that come with the Oracle with no additional charge. At the time of my purchasing, the standard crank was 150mm Nimbus Venture 2 cranks. I did a rigorous 18-22 percent hill climb on gravel terrain, and with somewhat of a low tire pressure. My wheel was actually able to spin out on the climb there was such an abundance of torque. A 24 inch muni with cranks this size has formidable climbing ability for steep uneven terrain.

    I ride a 26 inch muni a lot, with cranks anywhere from 125 to 150mm typically. The 24 inch Oracle does well with hill climbing with the 150mm cranks, but for flatter terrain, I felt it slowed my riding to a crawl.

    I swapped the cranks out with a set of 140mm Koxx1 cranks however, and the riding really sped back up tremendously, and still had a lot of control. With both crank size setups, I proceeded to ride up and down 20 percent grade gravel/dirt hills, off road drops, cross country dirt/mud trails, and a particular trail that is flat and notoriously covered with tree roots, and hopped up and over some small obstacles a bit. I should also say how nice it was to be able to do this without having to remove and re-attached the spindle for the brake.

    The 140mm crank setup certainly matched most closely to the all around capabilities of my 26 inch muni, but with noticeably better performance in making sharp turns effortlessly, and the correctional hops seemed less tiring. I liked this setup best all around.

    With the narrower rim, the up side is this bounce and turning ability. The one thing you have to be careful about is this slightly increases tire roll. So you can either avoid it by having adequate tire pressure, or by not gapping sideways as much but rather forward and rolling out - to avoid unwanted tire roll. I am a big rider so I have to be slightly mindful of this. The rim itself though is extremely strong and is known for staying true even when dropping from ridiculous heights.

    I did use the brake for a half mile decent on 20 percent grade gravel hill. It simply worked as expected. I like that the cable is secured to the frame. I placed a KH Starfighter attachement to the lever. This lever felt really easy to reach and control with this setup. The seat that I had it attached to was a Kris Holm Fusion Street. This was the first time I had used that seat for muni and I liked it. Very thin and rigid - and responsive when using the handle.

    I love that the seatpost that comes with the Oracle has a ruler on it for measuring seat height placements. I do not know why this is not done on all seatposts. GREAT feature.

    The dual lever seat clamp is a favorite of mine and I put one of these on my other muni as well. It holds just tight enough to do the job but is easy to take off and adjust without forcing you to carry an allen wrench. I stopped doing that when I started using this seat clamp. Love it.

    The cranks all mounted to the hub very clean and the fit is very good - with both cranks I tried. The pedals also threaded flawlessly. I'm used to Kris Holm unicycles, and this had a very similar snug assembly.

    Some additional notes: I love that I can use any crank I want on this. I have always wanted to try my Koxx1 140mm cranks for muni and have never been able to do so on a Kris Holm unicycle. This is a unique perk to the hub mounted disc brake design. Also, the disc is mounted to the opposite side of the Kris Holm munis with a Spirit crank setup, which for me works out for doing back-foot grinds on this with my right foot - one other thing I cannot do on a KH24 muni with Spirit cranks.

    I am also a huge fan of this color scheme. I went a little further with it putting white pedals on it and love how this jived with the black/orange/white of the Oracle 24. My Koxx1 lite cranks happen to look nice with this setup too.

    I thought that when I bought my 26 inch muni a while back that I would not need a 24 inch muni (sold mine shortly after getting a 26 inch). Well, both have their unique place in my opinion, moreso than I originally thought. The Nimbus 24 Oracle is unbeatable as far as a lightweight strong muni that is very responsive with very minimal effort put in, and inspires you to really get off the beaten path and be more playful. It also climbs unbelievably well. And somehow the rotation is really easy to manage for rolling drops off whatever comes. So for terrain that is a little beyond my ability that I want to work on, I would reach for the Oracle 24 with 140mm cranks in a heartbeat. And for stuff where I already know I can ride it no prob, and want a little more momentum and smoothness, I reach for the 26.

    This muni is not the most expensive on the market, but it it does not seem to have a downside in terms of performance, strength, features, and looks. If I had one complaint, it would be that I like the idea of seatpost tube for 27.2 inch seatposts. But then again, for muni, I also really like the curved shape of the frame as well. Some people weld the brake adapter to the frame - that saves even more weight and is cool mod.

    Very happy with this purchase.

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