Kris Holm T-bar Touring/Muni Handle System

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product description

More and more, riders are adding a T-bar to their saddle for nearly every riding style, from road riding to cross-country and downhill.
The T-bar features adjustable height, length and bar-end angle via a 400mm x 155mm with a 30º bend or a straight 300mm x 120mm T-handle. Ergonomic bar ends allowing riders optimize fit according to riding preference. The narrow, single tube never interferes with pedalling. A brake lever can be positioned between the bar ends or along the handle tube.
For road riders, using an extended T-bar handle reduces front saddle pressure and provides a comfortable, bike-like riding stance.
For off-road riding, using a shorter T-bar handle reduces front saddle pressure, increases maneuvering control, and gives an ergonomic gripping position for longer rides.

  • Note: Compatible only with Nimbus Gel w/ KH Base, Kris Holm Fusion Slim, Street, Freeride, Kris Holm Fusion Zero and One Saddles.  If you want to fit the T-Bar to a Nimbus Stadium saddle, you must also purchase the Impact Saddle Reinforcement Plate as well. 

A comfort guide can be found here.

Find Assembly instructions here.

Muni riders should consider using the T-bar Muni Handle.

General setup tips:

      • If the T-handle replaces the plastic handle it should be positioned very close to the front of the saddle. If it is too far extended, pulling hard on the handle while climbing standing up will shift you forward off the front of the saddle.
      • If the T-handle replaces the plastic handle, 3mm thick washers are required between the L-brackets and saddle for installation
      • If your knees bump the handle, raise it higher or cut the “T” width narrower.
      • For short handle positions, flip the tube securing the T-handle to the saddle so that the clamp faces the back. Face the clamp forwards for extended handle positions.
      • Move the T-handle closer to the saddle to increase power when pulling.
      • Extend the T-handle further from the saddle for greater support when pushing.
      • Lower the bar-end angle to increase power when pulling, or raise the bar-end angle for greater comfort when pushing.
      • A lower, less extended T-handle provides a similar riding stance to a higher more extended T-handle, but with greater control.
      • Increase the height of the front of the saddle and/or raise the T-handle position if you are falling forward in the saddle.
      • Lower the height of the front of the saddle and/or raise the T-handle position if you feel front saddle pressure.
      • Cut excess tubing off the back of the T-handle once you have finalized your handle position.

        T-bar Handle: 1 x 30* bend, 400mm x 155mm
        T-bar Handle: 1 x Straight, 300mm x 120 mm
        Kit Includes: grippy ergonomic bar-ends, 1 x 30* bend 400mm x 155mm with a t-bar extension, adjustable mounting bracket, 1 x Straight, 300mm x 120 mm, saddle reinforcement plate & necessary assembly bolts, and plastic washers for use with the Fusion Zero saddle because the reinforcement plate is not used.