Impact 19" Gravity Unicycle - White

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product description

The ultimate 20” trials unicycle money can buy.  Featuring a lightweight 3 piece frame for stiffness. This unicycle will not fail to impress!.

The frame is made with 6061 T6 aluminum.


  • Saddle: Naomi ultra thin saddle - White with removable cover 
  • Seat post: Impact 'AllinOne' Seatpost 350mm - (27.2mm)
  • Seat post clamp: Impact single bolt, 31.8mm black 
  • Frame: Impact 20" Impact Gravity Longneck, 6061 series aluminum with 42mm double bearing housings 
  • Hub/axle: Impact ISIS CrMo 36 spoke (small flanges) 
  • Spokes: 14G. stainless black (171mm in length for 3X) with brass silver nipples
  • Rim: Impact 47mm wide, double walled, Anodized black
  • Rim strip: Impact vinyl
  • Tube size: 20" x 1.95 - 2.125"
  • Tire: Maxxis Creepy Crawler, 20" x 2.5"  This is a specific tire for this rim. A regular 20" tire cannot fit this rim.
  • Why are 20 x 2.5 tires also called 19” tires?                  

          A. When trials biking was first starting they stipulated that the rear tire must be 20” in diameter. The bike riders wanted a tires with more cushioning for their rear wheel so Monty took a 1” smaller old scooter rim and tire (which is nominally 20" in diameter) and used that instead of the standard 20" tire.  To help differentiate between the two tire sizes the non-standard small rim tires are called 19". 

  • Crank arms: Impact Eiffel Tower Cranks - 140mm 
  • Pedals: Impact 'All Bran' Pedals - White - 
  • Bearings: Impact 42mm x 22mm bearing system 
  • Approx. cycle weight: 10.14 lbs or 4.6 kg.



Minimum Inseam Length:
32" (81cm)
Type - Unicycle:
Type - Seatpost Clamp:
Single Bolt - 31.8mm
Seatpost - Diameter:
Color - Frame:
Color - Rim:
Type - Crank:
Crank Length:
Type - Pedal:
Bearing Size:
42mm bearing
Cycle Weight:
10.5 lbs.
Wheel Size:
19 inch