Why Give a Clown Circus Minibike a Try?

Why Give a Clown Circus Minibike a Try?


We wouldn’t be - entirely - telling the whole truth if we claimed that the popular image of a minibike didn’t entail a fully-dressed and made-up clown riding through a crowd of jeers, or perhaps showing off “feats of humor” onstage.

That’s what most people think of when they imagine a minibike. Even one of the top reviews on our minibike product page (check the link) claims as much - he had a dream he was a clown, and now he’s “living the dream.” It’s pretty funny, you should check it out.

But, after brooking all that humor, it’s worth mentioning that minibikes like the one we sell here at are not solely reserved for tricksters.

They can be ridden by anyone - they’re suitable for adults of all sizes, although it’ll be easier for some than for others - and only a real clown would realize it doesn’t take skill, strength, and athleticism to ride one.

So, if you enjoy tackling wheeled machines and taking the challenges in stride, don’t write off a minibike just yet.

He Who Laughs Last…
Before you assume that minibikes are simply machines made for laughs and entertainment, remember the old adage about him “who laughs last.”

It might look like a joke to others watching a rider, but the rider knows best that there are many skills you can cultivate from the saddle of a minibike - and entertainment is nearly the least of them.

●Build strength and stamina
If you’ve never been in the saddle of a minibike, don’t make any claims about it or allow any assumptions to pass.

Riding a minibike is hard. There’s no other way to say this.

Sure, it looks funny and the proportions of the rider and bike are all out of whack - but it takes serious skill to power and maneuver one of these little bikes.

For example, ours is chain-driven, but the crank arms, gears, chain drive, and wheels are all small. You need to be very strong to ride this bike, especially up an incline or while performing tricks.

Learning to ride one will increase both your strength and stamina. We’re not telling you to get one as a training implement for unicycle riding or competitive cycling, but take that grain of truth for what it’s worth.

●Improve coordination and response time
When you’re on a small, low cycle with tiny wheels, things just come at you faster - literally.

The smaller wheels mean that obstructions in the road are amplified. Little bumps and sticks will hit the bike a lot harder, which means you’ll need to boost your response time and coordination while in the saddle.

Also, the smaller stature of the little bike means that small changes in balance are also magnified. You can’t lean as far forward, back, or to either side without an exaggerated response in terms of balance.

●Skills are transferable


Learning to ride a mini bike doesn’t pigeonhole you into the role of “mini bike aficionado.” Of course, these athletic gains are transferable to whatever your preferred cycling discipline is, be it BMX, bike racing, or muni riding - strength, stamina, coordination, endurance, and improved response times are bonuses in each of those areas and more!

●Learn new tricks
Learning to perform basic bike tricks like wheelies and bunny hops is hard enough in the saddle of a full-size bike. Try mastering them in a mini bike and you’ll have a whole new appreciation for trick riding, not to mention that it might make you a better rider overall.

We’ll admit a tiny bike like this is not particularly well suited for some tricks like trackstands and slides, but the more skills you can stuff under your belt, the better a rider you’ll be!

●Summit a new peak
After hearing all this, you might simply be interested in learning to ride a minibike if for no other reason than that it is a new hill to climb.

We couldn’t blame you - for some people, learning to ride a unicycle represents exactly the same thing. It’s a new challenge, and learning to ride is hard.

●Don’t stop with a minibike - try a 20-inch clown circus bike
By the way, a minibike isn’t your only option in a circus bike for learning new tricks. If you’re looking for something in a slightly more practical package, consider our 20-inch clown circus bike instead.

It features two wheels that rotate completely independently of each other, steel construction, and steel pegs on the front wheel so you can try tricks with two riders!

The Value of Entertainment: Don’t Underestimate It!
By the way, we’re not trying to discount the value of entertainment. If you seek the spotlight, a minibike is a great way to secure it, and our UDC Mini Bike tops the industry for quality.

Don’t be fooled by imitators. Unplanned dismounts are going to be part of learning to ride and you need a bike as tough as you are that will get right back up with you.

Our UDC Mini Bike features a steel frame, and even though the wheels are little, the tires are made from solid rubber (they’re non-pneumatic). This means not only will you never have to fill them up because they went flat, but they also can’t blow out - it’s a much more durable design that’s necessary for a smaller package.


For what it’s worth, it also features a comfortable - and not necessarily mini-sized UDC cruiser saddle with a lift handle built-in, because face it, you don’t want to have to ride this thing somewhere to get it there.

In short, it’s built to deliver. If you’re going to ride for entertainment, you need a piece of gear that delivers high performance and is tough enough, and this is it!

What Do You Need to Ride?
Besides an iron will and a whole lot of grit, you’ll need the right safety gear, which we carry here at the previous link.

Always wear a helmet, no matter what. We also recommend comfortable and protective footwear, as well as knee and elbow pads. Wrist pads are a good idea, but you can make your own call because if you do take a tumble from the saddle, you’ll already be pretty close to the ground.

Take a look through our collection and if you need any personalized recommendations, feel free to get in touch with us at 678-494-4962 and we’d be happy to help out.