Unicycle.com Is The Place To Find Your Next Affordable Unicycle

Unicycle.com Is The Place To Find Your Next Affordable Unicycle


If at some point in your life you’ve ever been impressed and intrigued by the sight of a rider who seems to be effortlessly riding a unicycle up a city street, you may have considered getting into it yourself. You might have done some research and looked up some of the benefits that learning to ride a unicycle might have for you. Becoming proficient with a unicycle will strengthen and condition you, and it can improve your balance and coordination. There’s also the fact that it’s just a new mountain to climb, and climbing new mountains is just plain fun.

If you haven’t ever tried to learn to ride, then probably for some reason or other, you may have talked yourself out of it. You might have been convinced the learning curve would be too steep or that there would just be too many things to juggle when trying to learn, but we’re here to tell you there’s no time like the present to get into something new.

There are always as many reasons not to try something as the unconscious mind can cook up, but if you want to do something, there’s no time like the present. If you want to learn something, you have to try it. On top of that motivational information, we here at Unicycle.com can also set you up for an affordable unicycle on which you can get started learning to ride.

Hoppley 16” Unicycle
If you’re looking for a beginner unicycle for young learners with a load of features that will help you cut your teeth on the art of riding a unicycle, then a Hoppley 16” Unicycle might make a great choice. Considering the smaller diameter of the wheel it’s intended for young learners - this might be the type of affordable unicycle you could use to teach kids if you yourself already know how to ride. In addition to the fact that it’s sized just right for younger kids and smaller riders, this cycle is priced to please as well.

Hoppley 20” Unicycle
Like the Hoppley 16 inch, this is a great unicycle for beginners to break out and start to learn the ropes of cycling. If you’ve never ridden a unicycle but have always wanted to try to get into it for all of the benefits it can offer - or just to try to tackle a new challenge and keep your skills sharp, this Hoppley is a great option. Its simplistic design and price point are great for beginners - it’s a reliable, affordable unicycle that can bring you many hours of riding enjoyment. Take a look on our site to see the stellar customer reviews this cycle has brought in.

Club 20” Freestyle Unicycle
While the above unicycles are intended for teaching beginners and are not intended to be used for hopping, trick riding or hard use, the Club 20 Inch Freestyle is a great intermediate cycle. You can teach yourself to ride on this model but you can also use it for workouts, commuting or freestyle use. It’s suitable for intermediate riders so it offers just the right amount of simple and rugged design to make it perfect for all uses but advanced freestyle and jumping. If you expect to teach yourself to ride and are interested in freestyle riding this might be a good option for you to choose.

Club 24” Unicycle
This cycle, like the Club 20 Inch Freestyle, is another great option for a beginner that offers a lot of versatility. If you teach yourself to ride and then want to use your unicycle for exercise or long-distance riding, this is a great overall option. Though it’s not designed for advanced tricks, it’s a great option for those looking to ride and wanting to get a little more functionality out of their cycle.

Impact 19” Athmos Unicycle
The Impact 19 Inch Athmos is a great unicycle for those who are looking to learn to ride and might be interested in trials riding. Its middle of the road wheel size is perfect not only for learning to ride but also versatile and strong enough for trials unicycle riding. With a price tag that you wouldn’t expect from a unicycle in this class, it’s an affordable unicycle with a whole lot of capability for both intermediate and experienced riders alike.

These are a few of our selections of affordable unicycles, though we offer many more on our pages for everyone from young beginner riders to experienced trials riders. If you’re interested in your first unicycle or are just looking around for another to add to your collection for street riding, give us a call at 800-864-2925. We’ve got the most experience in the business - and we’d love to help you find what’s right for you.