The Relative Virtues of Different Types of Seatpost Clamps

The Relative Virtues of Different Types of Seatpost Clamps


The more familiar you get with the pursuit of skilled unicycle riding, the more you will realize that these are finely tuned machines with a ton of parts that work together to enable them to perform. Sizing, design, and even balance will strongly impact the manner in which any given component of a unicycle operates, whether it’s for mountain riding or a giraffe unicycle on which riders dazzle an audience.

One of the unsung heroes of the unicycle is the seatpost clamp, which enables you to secure your seatpost at the proper height and to make adjustments as necessary. While it’s fairly obvious how the size and nature of the saddle itself affect rider comfort, and the length and strength of the seatpost will impact its compatibility with a rider’s dimensions, the clamp itself might get overlooked from time to time.

Yet it is the clamp itself that enables the final fine-tuning of the seatpost length that will allow a given rider to use the setup. Inseam length dictates the tire and wheel sizes that can be used, but seatpost length and adjustment weigh in here too. The seatpost clamp allows you to move the post up and down in order to better accommodate the rider in question. These are some of the styles of clamps we sell here and each of them is good for, given the circumstances.

Bolt Seatposts

At, we sell two basic types of seat clamps, being bolt clamps and quick-release seatpost clamps. The first of these we’ll address is bolt seat clamps.

Bolt seat clamps slide over the seat tube to the position that you require on the post and then can be tightened down with a compatible wrench, which, in many cases, will be a hex wrench.

Here we offer bolt seatpost clamps with either one or two bolts. Many of our models are made from steel to afford a very secure grip on the seatpost after adjustments have been made and the bolts have been tightened. In addition, many of our bolt clamps come with a fitting that rotates with the bolt to prevent cross-threading or damage if the bolt is not seated properly, or if it is overtightened.

These types of seatpost clamps are beneficial because they can provide a very secure grip on the seat post. These clamps securely attach to the post tube; the only potential drawback is that if you want to make adjustments to the clamp setting while you’re out riding, you’re going to need to carry a properly sized wrench. That’s no issue for some riders, though, we carry a number of helpful unicycle tools here on our site to assist you, including wrenches, crank pullers, and multi-tools.

Just make sure you have the right clamp size for your seatpost before you buy; the sizing of each clamp is listed on the product page, but if you have any questions, of course, give us a shout!

Quick Release Clamp Seatposts

In addition to bolt seatpost clamps, we also sell quick-release clamps that are helpful for ensuring consistent clamping force when properly sized and adjusted. Instead of the bolts of the former clamps, quick-release clamps can be adjusted to an adequate level of tightness and then adjusted simply by releasing the lever of the clamp.

Just like our bolt clamps, we sell quick-release clamps with one or two clamps, with two providing a little bit of extra peace of mind and strength. Once the adjustments are made to a given seatpost, you don’t need to bring any tools out on the trail with you. If you need to make a quick adjustment up or down for comfort, simply disengage the clamp, slide it up or down the post, and clamp it back down. This even gives you the ability to make a quick adjustment for a new rider, without having to take your one wheeler back to the shop.

Just as with bolt seat posts, you need to be sure that a quick-release seatpost is properly sized before you buy it as the diameter of the clamp and of the seatpost itself must be compatible. You can see them on each page but you should also feel free to consult us if you want to be sure.

Lean on Us!

Thinking about getting a new clamp for your favorite one wheeler, like a quick release clamp that’ll make it easier for you to adjust your seatpost height on the go? We have all the clamps and tools you’ll need to make the replacement or adjustment right here, and if you aren’t sure just how to do it, precisely, we have the experience for that as well!

Anytime you need help picking out a piece of equipment or a tool, or even if you need more information on how to perform an installation or replacement, call us at 678-494-4962 and we will be glad to assist.