The Best Protective Gear for Unicycle Riding: A Checklist

The Best Protective Gear for Unicycle Riding: A Checklist


There are plenty of pithy maxims that go along with learning to ride a bicycle about how important it is to get back up and dust yourself off when you fall down. The value of perseverance cannot be understated, and it all stems from the fact that falls and scrapes are inevitable. That is part of the learning process.

Unsurprisingly, learning to ride a unicycle presents many of the same challenges as learning to ride a bike, as well as plenty of unique ones. Something that is certainly no different between them is the fact that those learning to ride a unicycle will experience their share of falls and scrapes just the same. Even advanced riders and professionals are nearly certain to experience their share of falls and bumps.

Just as you should, they get right back up and keep trying. They learn from every misstep, as you do. In order to do so, however, you must be safe, and part of safe and responsible riding is using protective gear. To assemble and use the best protective gear for unicycle riding, start here. We’ll set you up with the essential protective gear for your passion to ride.


Every rider should wear a helmet when riding, with no exceptions. In many areas, it may even be required by law for certain riders to wear a helmet. Even where it is not a legal matter, you should always take precautions by wearing a properly fitted, comfortable helmet.

While it might be said that the majority of falls and bumps are not serious, it can also be said that most serious cycling accidents involve an injury to the head. A helmet that fits well will not only be light and comfortable, but it will provide you with the critical protection you need to provide for your head while you are riding.

Not only are our helmets light, comfortable and protective, but some of them also offer enhanced features to provide for the comfort of the rider. For example, our Giro Fixture MIPS Helmet is ported to keep your head cool and even has a visor that offers a certain degree of protection against glare. A helmet is one of the most important additions to a list of safety gear - don’t be without one.

Gloves and Wrist Protection

Your hands and wrists can also be subject to plenty of rough use and abrasion, especially in the event of a fall. It’s a reflex to throw your hands out during a fall, which means they sometimes take the brunt of a drop. In order to protect your hands against scrapes and discomfort, you might want to pick up a pair of gloves from our website.

A pair of gloves like our Kris Holm Full Finger Pulse Gloves is designed to afford a maximum level of protection and comfort in a practical package. These gloves have a mesh back for breathability while offering full palm protection, and they offer wrist support without the stiffness of wrist guards. You can also find Half Finger Kris Holm Pulse Gloves that offer similar wrist support without being too stiff.

Knee Guards and Leg Protection

Similarly to how your hands often take a lot of impact during a fall, your knees and shins are subject to scraping in the event of an unplanned dismount. In addition, sometimes your shins can take an unexpected hit or even bang into the crown of your unicycle. In order to provide the best level of protection for your legs, you might want to consider knee pads or leg armor.

At, we offer options for knee and leg protection like Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armor, specifically designed with the needs of Unicycle riders in mind. Percussion Leg Armor fully protects the front and back of the leg, is resistant to abrasion, vented for comfort, and designed with a slim profile to help avoid the crown of the frame. Knee pads are good; leg armor is better

Buy a Kit and Save

In addition to these several categories of the best protective gear for unicycle riding, we offer kits that you buy that offer some essential protective gear bundled into one convenient package. Check out our Triple 8 Saver Tri Pack that comes with a pair of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Our Triple 8 Saver is the perfect complement to a set of protective gear, especially if you like the extra protection of wrist guards and would prefer knee pads over leg armor.

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