Starting the month Hopeful!

Posted by Josh Torrans on 03/13/18

It's always good to start out the month hopeful. We all would like new unicycles but sometimes that's just not realistic or we are perfectly content with the unicycle or unicycles we already have.

Here are the top 5 things you can do to improve, spruce up or just fall in love with your unicycle more.

Pedals: They take a lot of abuse from riding. You can buy a contrasting color or even take this chance to upgrade to a smoother rolling sealed bearing pedal.

Tire: Choosing a new tire can make your unicycle handle better or even give you more control depending where you are riding. There are a lot of choices out there depending on the size of your wheel.

Handlebar System: If you do not currently own one, this can add more hand positions and control while riding for both road and trail.

Saddle: Whether your saddle is comfortable or not you can install a new cover (perhaps with a contrasting color) or bumpers. If your saddle is uncomfortable this would be a good time to find a model that may be a better fit for you.

Tools: From a pedal wrench to a bearing puller it is nice to have the tool if and when you need it. Even if you have all the tools maybe find a box that will hold them all so next time you're trying to fix your unicycle or someone else's unicycle for that matter you can keep your sanity.