Our Unicycle Jewelry Is a Hit

Our Unicycle Jewelry Is a Hit


Learning to ride a unicycle is a challenge, whether you take the skill as far as competition or only learn as a hobby or even for the trials of learning something new. It will present you with challenges that you have never experienced before, but it can make you a better critical thinker, a better bike rider, and a better athlete all around.

On that note, if you are among the proud ranks of those who have mastered the one wheeler, then you are due to a certain uncommon level of pride. There is an odd condition surrounding the perception of our sport; one that nearly inculcates it with too much humor. Far too many people see riding a unicycle as a stunt and not a skill that has taken months if not years to cultivate.

But it is a skill, and though it can be entertaining, it is far from reserved for that pursuit. It is a difficult skill to master and one that takes not only discipline but deserves a fair degree of respect.

On that note, those who take up the unicycle have a vested interest in showcasing their pride, and that’s one of the reasons we offer so many unique unicycle-themed accessories and gifts here on our website, ranging from a variety of handmade cards to our beautiful collection of unicycle jewelry, many of which pieces are handmade.

Some of our pieces of unicycle jewelry are ideal for giving proud unicyclists that extra little spice to their ensemble so that they can show off their pride to the world, and since some of the following selections from our collection are handmade, each one of them has completely individual character. That makes them even more perfect for you, or for the unicyclist in your life.

Consider an option like our Wired Unicycle Earrings, which come in a variety of different colors so you can match any personality or outfit with ease through a pair of them. The link above takes you to a pair in Electric Blue, but we also offer them in Hot Pink, Neon Green, Silver, Red, and other colors. If you make a habit of wearing earrings, don’t just get one pair; get several, whether for matching your ride or your clothing!

Individually handmade right here in the United States from colored wire, each one is paired with Sterling Silver ear hooks and brings a whole lot of unmistakable class to a setting. While these unicycles are not recommended for riding, they’re definitely recommended for making a statement. As we mentioned, being all handmade, each one is just a little bit different from the last, which makes every pair unique - no two are alike, just like no two challenges.

We also offer interesting highlights from our collection like our Unisex Unicycle Necklace, which is positively ideal for both ladies and gentlemen. Like our Wired Unicycle Earrings, this necklace is handmade with pride here in America, only this one is made from copper wire. Each unicycle pendant is attached to a demure black cord that is easy to pair, and equally easy to play up or down. Bright, bold, and unforgettable, this piece of unicycle jewelry is another piece from our collection that you will want to add to your repertoire. It’s also not recommended for riding - it’s only a few inches tall - but it is recommended for making a statement, just like the earrings above.

In our collection of jewelry, we also offer an interesting mix of other accessories that, though they aren’t quite jewelry, are ideal for making a mark on a setting.

Check out options like our Handmade Unicycle Ornaments, which you can reserve for the Christmas tree or just place in a prominent location as a fixture of decor. There’s no way to say
“I ride a unicycle” like enhancing your abode with decorations in the likeness of the machine. Like the earrings above, these come in a variety of colors and are handmade, so no two are exactly alike.

Then we have interesting finds like our Unicycle Plastic Keychain, that, though it is also a bit small to ride, does come with a functional wheel and a whole lot of character. Brightly colored and impossible to miss, pull out your keys with one of these attached and everyone will know what you’re about. It might not be jewelry, but it makes a mark and is arguably the most noticeable of the pieces in this collection.

While you’re shopping through our artistic collection of unicycle jewelry, don’t forget to check out our collections of unicycle accessories while you’re here. Some unicycle riders might prefer to rock a unicycle t-shirt, a pair of unique valve caps, or a branded sticker on their ride instead. To each their own, and we offer a little something for every taste there is out there. Take some time to look through our collection, and if you have any questions, give us a call at 678-494-4962.