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Mom Doesn't Blame You

Posted by Stuart Vesty on

My older brother Clarke and I learned to ride unicycles back in the early 70's. I was probably 12 and Clarke was 16 when we completed a 40 mile "Bike For Dimes" to raise money for the March of Dimes Foundation. Mom never thought we would come close to finishing. She pledged A LOT. The March Of Dimes appreciated that! Life has its' way of taking you away from some things, so the unicycle riding became a thing of the past for the next 40 or so years. Then one day I get a short video from a friend that was visiting my brother, and there he was .... riding that unicycle from way back when, flat tire and all, covered in cob webs .... it brought a smile to my face. I immediately started searching online and came across 3 minutes later the order was placed and the little gem arrived just in time to take it to Kentucky for the big horse show where we always meet each year. If he wasn't so busy with his horses, I may have never had a chance to ride it myself. It was a super fun weekend and a good portion of it is owed to that one wheeled contraption that our Mom still blames for ripping up the walls in the hallway of our old house! Thanks - Mom doesn't blame you.