Here’s How You Know It’s the Best Protective Gear for Onewheels

Here’s How You Know It’s the Best Protective Gear for Onewheels


Here at, we provide a lot of unique and useful protective gear for unicycles and other riders of wheeled machines, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when you turn to us. Still, how can you decide whether or not any given pick is the best protective gear for onewheels when there’s so much to choose from?

Well, sometimes it comes down to personal preference, and what appeals most to you. Admittedly, if the only difference between a pair of gloves is the color, then the best one for you would be your favorite since the other features are the same.

In terms of performance, though, here are some highlights from our collection that have some performance-boosting, safety-enhancing, user-friendly features.

Giro Fixture MIPS (Black)

A helmet is the single most important piece of protective equipment for riding a unicycle, and for many other activities as well. Therefore, any reputable collection of the “best” protective gear for onewheels had better have a helmet or several. The Giro Fixture MIPS is available in both black and gray here at Wearing a helmet is critical, and here’s what this one offers:

-A Roc Loc Sport Fit System lets you get a perfect fit that is adjustable to your personal dimensions.

-It has a ventilation system (with 18 vents) to keep your head cool as you ride; you lose a lot of heat through your head, remember.

-It has an integrated Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which redirects energy and protects you better against some impacts. It’s great for off-road riding.

-It also comes with a CPSC Bicycle Certification.

-It looks pretty cool too. Unicycle Helmet

In addition to the two Giro Fixture MIPS helmets we offer, we also offer our own helmet, which sports the following features:

-It provides maximum performance and protection in a stylish package.

-It consists of a hard plastic shell to protect against impact, with styrene foam inserts for cushioning and comfort.

-It comes with a removable and washable liner.

-It secures with a snap buckle so you can get a sure fit, whether you ride a onewheel, a bike, or even a skateboard.

Kris Holm Full Finger Pulse Gloves

Hand and wrist protection is another thing to keep in mind when you take on the sport of riding the onewheel. Unplanned dismounts can take a toll on your hands and wrists, and full finger gloves like these can afford maximum protection. They’re also available in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

-They have a precision finger fit for great control.

-They also are easy to get on and off with the help of a split-back hand.

-The back of a hand has a mesh panel for extra breathability.

-The gloves come with full palm coverage for protection against abrasion.

-They give you the best of both worlds; flexible wrist protection and support without the stiff feel of wrist guards.

Kris Holm Half Finger Pulse Gloves

Our Kris Holm Half Finger Pulse Gloves offer all of the benefits of the full finger version, but with the extra dexterity and sensitivity of half-finger gloves. If you prefer additional protection for your hands and wrists but need to maintain sensitivity and control, half finger gloves may be more fitting for you. These gloves are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armor

Leg armor is another thoughtful inclusion in any list of the best protective gear for onewheels, and this is some of the most protective leg armor out there. From time to time, your shins may come into painful contact with the crown of your onewheel, and even if not, unplanned dismounts will surely bring your shins into close familiarity with the ground, which is often not so forgiving.

-Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armor protects not only the front of the leg but also the back.

-They come with polyurethane patches along the inside of the led to resist abrasion from the tire.

-The knees are low profile to help avoid collision with the crown.

-They’re well vented and breathable to keep you comfortable.

-They’re easy to get on and off.

-They’re made with tough, ballistic nylon liners for support and protection.

-They’re even machine washable!

Of course, these are not the only safety gear we offer for unicycle riders here in our store. We also offer knee and elbow pads, as well as bundles that you can buy in order to save on the overall purchase.

Want to learn more about the most important protective gear for unicycle riding, or care to share an opinion on the matter? Give us a call at 678-494-4962 and let us know what you want to know more about or what you think! We love hearing from our customers and look forward to hearing from you.