Check Out These Options in a Unicycle for Mountain Riding

Check Out These Options in a Unicycle for Mountain Riding


Mountain unicycle riding, or muni riding, is not only a great workout but a really enjoyable way to tackle new trails you may have already conquered on foot. It adds a whole new element of challenge to trails that many other people are only taking on with bicycles and backpacks. Try out a mountain trail with a unicycle and you’ll probably end up with a whole new appreciation for hiking trails in general and for unicycle riding in specific.

Picking up a unicycle for mountain riding will also give you some additional benefits over road riding or flat riding. If you have already broken the ice of flat riding on comfortable paved surfaces, taking up mountain unicycle riding is a great way to make yourself a more capable street or road rider.

Taking up the sport of muni riding is not just a way to make yourself a better unicycle rider - it’s a great way to get into better shape. Even riding a unicycle on a flat surface is going to help you strengthen your entire body and help you hone your balance and reflexes. Practice riding on mountain trails where the environment is constantly shifting and you’ll be in for a really great workout.

Having said that, check out these options in a unicycle for mountain riding here that we offer right here at

Nimbus 24” Mountain Unicycle

This unicycle has a larger tire that can make starting on it easier if you are still learning the ropes of mountain riding or will be practicing on the road. It features an aluminum double-walled rim that is both light and strong, traits you’ll need on tough trails, especially if you need to hop or jump obstacles. It comes with a Nimbus II steel frame and an aluminum seatpost. It weighs in at 14.5 pounds, and it’s a serviceable choice for learners both for its larger tire width and smaller diameter wheel.

Kris Holm 24” Mountain Unicycle

This Kris Holm model is another unicycle for mountain riding with a 24” diameter wheel that can be desirable for some learners as it has the potential to be easier to mount unicycles with smaller wheels. This unicycle is also great for aggressive riding on uneven terrain because it features a construction based largely on one-piece forged components. A forged aluminum frame makes this a slightly lighter unicycle than the Nimbus above - this model comes in at under 13 and a half pounds. It also comes with a Shimano brake to give you an additional level of control over the unicycle. Purple Monster Unicycle

Although this unicycle is not recommended for extreme trials, it has a 20 x 4-inch tire that can offer you a smoother ride and make it possible to take some fairly unforgiving terrain head-on. Not only does it offer a softer ride, but you can take on deep snow, sand, and complex trails full of obstacles. The 100mm aluminum rim is light and strong and accommodates a 4-inch wide knobby tire to give you excellent traction in a mountain unicycle - though you could also learn to ride on this model.

Nimbus 29” Oracle Mountain Unicycle

Though it might be tougher for some to mount a unicycle with a larger wheel, the extra diameter also has the potential to be more forgiving of smaller obstacles and can enable a faster ride, all other things being equal. This unicycle has an aluminum seatpost and frame as well as an aluminum double walled rim with reinforced eyelets - all light and very strong. Though it has a narrower tire than the Purple Monster, its 3-inch wide tube still offers a fair amount of stability. Like the Kris Holm mentioned above, it comes with a Shimano brake to give you a little extra control over the unicycle.

Nimbus Hatchet 26” Mountain Unicycle

Overall, this is a great unicycle for mountain riding and has a lot of features built with muni riders in mind. This unicycle comes with a brake on a new precision IS mount and a remarkably wide tire, up to 5 inches. Unicycles with fat tires present the issue of having a frame wide enough to accommodate the tire without getting in the way of the rider’s legs. This unicycle helps to circumvent that issue by shifting the frame to the rear, out of the path of the rider’s legs. The end result is a mountain unicycle that gives the rider the extra control with a brake and the added stability of a very wide tire that doesn’t get in the way.

If you’re interested in adding a mountain unicycle to your collection and tackling some trails, be sure to check out these options that we offer on our site, although you might be drawn to a different mountain unicycle just the same. Take a look through these options and give us a call at 678-484-4962 if you have any questions.