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5 ways to stay unstoppable on your unicycle!

Posted by UDC Team on

  1. Try if your schedule allows to ride everyday no matter how long or short. If you can’t break away just hug your unicycle. If your schedule is tight but requires different stops along the way you could use your unicycle to cover more ground to fit in a ride and get errands done.
  2. Taking in a good, healthy balance diet also helps you to be able to put the power down on the pedals when it comes to climbing hills and riding long distances.
  3. Cross training is never a bad idea. Picking up milage running, bicycling, swimming and lifting weights will help your endurance and balance. The result will give you more super human strength when riding your unicycle.
  4. Getting a good nights sleep consisting of 7 to 9 hours will give your body ample time to repair from any adventure you went on the previous day.
  5. Another good way to keep on top of your game is to remember why you started riding, does that thought bring a smile to your face? Perfect!

Have a great day, love your unicycle and we will catch you next time!