3 Odd Bikes and 1 Odd Unicycle

3 Odd Bikes and 1 Odd Unicycle


At, we don’t just sell unicycles. We also sell an interesting selection of odd bikes on top of our usual mix. If you’re looking for new, creative ways to challenge your skills as a cyclist or even draw a crowd, you can’t go wrong with any of the following interesting highlights from our collection.

UDC Mini Bike

Among odd bikes, our UDC Mini Bike is one of the oddest. It’s only 14 inches high and 17 inches long. Definitely a “mini” bike by any standards, this little thing is the type of ride most people envision when they think of a “clown bike.”

But don’t be fooled; there’s no joke about the quality of this bike. It’s meant to be ridden, and every single aspect of its design indicates the same. It has a steel frame and solid rubber (non-pneumatic) tires, both of which are designed to take a beating. Learning to ride a little bike like this has its ups and downs, but just like you’ve been trained to get right back up after an unplanned dismount, this bike will be as ready as you are.

Despite its little size, it actually weighs nearly 14 pounds - an indicator of its heft and quality. It’s also designed for comfort, despite its diminution. It comes with a UDC cruiser saddle that is not only comfortable but has an integrated lift handle, making transportation easy.

Best of all, though it will definitely take quite a bit of practice, anyone can learn to ride this little bike. Whether you’re into trick riding or you just love the high of entertainment, this just might be the odd bike for you!

Hoppley 20” Circus Bike

Our Hoppley 20” Circus Bike is a better choice for riders who are more interested in challenging and developing their skills with a full-size bike. Unlike our UDC Mini Bike, everything about this circus bike is life-size.

Nonetheless, it’s also perfect for trick riding and performing stunts, not only due to its inherent quality but in the manner in which it has been designed. Quality is at the forefront of this bike, just like with our UDC Mini Bike; our circus bike features a steel frame and front handlebar, as well as 20-inch single wall steel rims, for extra strength when performing tricks.

Both tires rotate fully independently of each other, and the bike’s front wheel even sports a set of BMX-style pegs. You can try performing tricks with two riders or simply expand your own skills!

Penny Farthing Bikes

Penny farthing bikes represent another really cool, historical item from our collection. Originating late in the 19th century and for a time, popular among the well-to-do of Europe, Penny Farthings were actually the first machines termed “bikes.”

They can be identified by their very large front wheel and smaller, trailing rear wheel that, juxtaposed, look like a Sterling penny and farthing coin in sequence. The penny remains, but the farthing, equal to a quarter of a penny, has been removed from circulation.

The penny farthing was so designed with a larger front wheel for a couple of reasons. For one, before the invention of a chain drive, the only way to increase a cycle’s top speed was by expanding the circumference of the tire to which the crank arms were attached. The larger front wheel also had the added benefit of softening the experience of riding over bumps in the road.

It will take some getting used to, but there’s no reason a modern rider can’t take up a penny farthing bike and get in touch with history. There are even some organizations that still devote themselves to riding and racing penny farthing bikes. Check out our collection and give us a call if you have any questions!

Giraffe Unicycles

Another type of odd cycle (albeit not a bike) is a giraffe unicycle. Giraffe unicycles are unicycles that are abnormally tall; so tall, in fact, that it would be impossible for the rider to reach the pedals if the crank arms were attached directly to the hub axle, as is the case with most unicycles.

To solve this problem, giraffe unicycles are typically made with a chain drive (although some have multiple wheels). A chain drive makes it possible for the crank arms to communicate with the wheel, and it has the added benefit of making the unicycle faster, despite the fact that it decreases leverage.

Giraffe cycles require additional skill and practice to ride, and they are sometimes preferred by stunt riders because they attract attention. If you’re a dedicated master of the one wheel looking for a new peak to summit, give a giraffe unicycle a try!

Do you still have some questions lingering about our odd bikes? Maybe you have some questions specific to one of these cycles or you’d like to know which safety gear you should pair with them. Interested in switching from a mountain bike to a mountain unicycle for trail riding? Possibly you’d even like some pointers, tips, or tricks before you take the plunge?

No matter - get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you get into the saddle. You can reach us by phone at 678-494-4962.