Seat Posts - Standard

Standard Unicycle Seat Post

Do you feel like your unicycle is “off” or doesn’t fit you right, even though it’s supposed to fit your inseam length? Don’t assume you need a different tire size - start by getting a new seat post and adjusting the seat tube height accordingly! This collection of standard unicycle seat posts offers top picks from brands such as Nimbus, Club, Impact, and Schwinn, in varying sizes, lengths, and materials. We offer both steel and aluminum alloy models here, so you can choose exactly what you need in terms of weight or strength. Adding a new one to your unicycle is a simple, straightforward project you can take on at home and a great way to customize your unicycle and add some personality. 

Many of these posts feature markings on the seat tube so you can precise and accurate cuts if you decide to cut down your seat post for a more comfortable ride and custom-like fit. Don’t forget to check out our collections of seat post clamps and saddles to finish your upgrade project!