Nimbus Stadium Saddle - Black

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product description

This saddle was created at the MUni and Distance Unicyclist. The first major change is the saddle base. Everywhere your hand may possibly touch, has been extensively designed to be smooth! The base is quite a bit flatter than the conventional unicycle base, easing pressure on the rider when in the saddle for long periods of time. 

The foam has been designed to be narrow at the front, so the rider’s legs move without “snagging” on the saddle, perfect for distance and a big advantage for MUni. The foam also has a Stadium shape cut-out of it, this is an advantage as it allows the foam to compress more than solid foam would between the rider’s legs.

The saddle handle has a large hole which is an advantage when you are using brakes. The underside of the handle is now completely flat so that when you grab the saddle there are no obstructions. The saddles base is compatible with all saddle handles on the market, so if you don’t like the big hole handle, you can run the new Impact handle or the classic Kris Holm handle.

Uses a standard seat post with 4-bolt rectangular bracket at the top. Not compatible with pivotal seat posts. 

Compatible with:

● Kris Holm T-Bar Handle (Recommend Impact Stiff Plate)
● Nimbus Shadow Handle 
● Kris Holm Saddle Handles
● Impact Saddle Handles
● Kris Holm Adjustable Seatposts
● Kris Holm Brake Lever Mounts
● Nimbus Brake Lever Mounts
● Qu-Ax Brake Lever Mounts

Weight: 720g