Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle Set

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product description

The Shadow base is not compatible with the Kris Holm Fusion Zero Saddle, or any Nimbus saddle that has the 10mm acorn nuts that hold the saddle seatpost and bumpers.

The Shadow aluminum handle is constructed to offer maximum versatility without any compromise in the performance. The low profile of the base allows even relatively small riders to take advantage of the handle. The base bypasses the traditional 4-bolt seatpost fitting and utilizes the front and rear handle bolts giving the saddle and handle an unparalleled rigidity and stiffness.

The Shadow handle is supported by the latest generation of super tough BMX style pivotal seat posts. This allows for a 4 x 6 degree adjustment via an integral high tensile bolt.

The handle comes with 2 ‘T’ extensions as standard; one straight and one with a 30 degree bend. Both of these are 400mm long allowing you to trim them to the length you require. You also have an option to adjust their length via a clamp by up to 100mm (4”). These ‘T’ handles can be fitted either facing up, down or straight depending on your preference.

The Shadow handle set includes:

a) Nimbus Shadow handle base.  The base now has reinforced external butting to prevent fatigue breakage. 
b) Nimbus Shadow T-handle - bent
c) Nimbus Shadow T-handle - Straight
d) Nimbus Shadow Handle Clamp (x2)
e) Nimbus Shadow Bar Ends (Pair)

f) Nimbus Pivotal Seat post 250mm with bolt, M10 x 1.5 thread pitch - (25.4) 

g) Shim for 25.4 - 27.2mm frames.

Total weight: 1.291kg - 2.85 lbs.

Please Note: The Nimbus Classic Saddle does not work on the Nimbus Shadow Base.