Introduction to Unicycling with Dustin Kelm - DVD

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An easy-to-follow and safety-minded approach to unicycling, this 50-minute videotape is hosted by 1998 world champion freestyle unicyclist Dustin Kelm. He is introduced by three-time unicycling world champion John Foss.

Dustin and the team teach a 9-year-old to ride, and you'll see his progress during a one-week period. There's no magic to riding; just watch the suggested techniques and practice, practice, practice.

Advanced skills are demonstrated by our UK partner Roger Davies, and by mountain unicycling gold medalist Casey Drummond.

You'll enjoy some fun unicycle commercials and a unicycle video catalog. Trail and trials riding include John Foss, John Hooten, and others who attended the annual MUni Weekend event at Lake Tahoe, Nevada.