Hoppley 20" Circus Bike - Blue

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A fun product designed by Unicycle.com, that you won’t be able to put down. This 20" Hoppley Circus bike will not fit like a traditional bike as it is desined for tricks and performing! If you like a challenge and want to show off this is the product for you!

Both wheels spin 360 degrees independently of each other. The stunt pegs on the front allow you to do transitional bmx style tricks. Why not try two people on the Circus Bike with the use of the stunt pegs?


Saddle: Hoppley Saddle (black) -
Seat post: Hoppley 22.2 x 200mm straight post with a welded rectangular mounting bracket, 4 hole - Click Here for Replacement
Seat post clamp: Nimbus 25.4mm (blue) double bolt - Click Here for Replacement
Front Handlebar: Steel, curved, does not adjust -  Replacement Not Available
Stem: 22.2mm Quill - Replacement Not Available
Frame: Hoppley Circus Bike Black (mainframe), round crown steel with 40mm stamped maincap bearing housings (lower frame) - Replacement Not Available
Hub/axle: UDC cotterless (black) 36H, hardened spindle, 100mm center bearing to center bearing (x2) - Click Here for Replacement
Spokes: 14G. stainless chrome (182mm in length for 3X) with silver nipples (36x2) - Click Here for Replacement
Rim: United 20" (blue) 36H, 32mm wide, singlewall, steel (x2) - Replacement Not Available
Rim strip: Rubber (x2) - Click Here for Replacement
Tube size: 20" x 1.75" (x2) - Click Here for Replacement
Tire: Innova 20" x 1.75" (x2) -
Crank arms: United (chrome) 125mm, cotterless, steel (x2) - Click Here for Replacement
Pegs on front wheel: Replacement Not Available
Pedals: United, 9/16" threads, plastic on back wheel(x2) - Click Here for Replacement
Bearings: 17mm x 40mm (x2) - Click Here for Replacement
Approx. cycle weight: 22 lbs


Minimum Inseam Length:
29" (74cm)
Type - Unicycle:
Type - Seatpost Clamp:
Single Bolt - 25.4mm
Seatpost - Diameter:
Color - Frame:
Color - Rim:
Type - Crank:
Crank Length:
Type - Pedal:
Bearing Size:
Cycle Weight:
22 lbs.
Wheel Size:
20 inch