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Are you prepared?

Are you prepared?
We want to keep you prepared for the unexpected! When is the last time you inventoried or checked the contents of your riding/hydration pack? Empty the wrappers out and make some room for new snacks!
Here is a list you might consider to keep you rolling happy and safe:
    • Your I.D., emergency contact information and allergi es on a laminated card, cell phone.
    • Any of your favorite snacks, gels or bars to prevent bonking and low blood sugar.
    • For flat repair: 2 x tire levers, patch kit, spare tube and hand pump or Co2 inflator.
    • If your pack has a water bladder in it make sure it does not have mold in the bladder or hose.
    • For any other mechanicals an assortment of metric allens or allen pack (multi tool) and a pedal wrench will come in handy to keep you riding.
    • It's also smart to have random bolts. Your unicycle uses 4mm and 5mm bolts. And pedal pins just in case you lose them while riding on the trail or road.
    • If you plan on spending hours on the road, trail or back woods, a basic first aid kit and emergency blanket are good to have, and a light rain jacket.
    • Other useful things you can have with you would be a few zipties and some duct tape.
We hope this helps you.
Team Unicycle.com