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  • Hydration is important!

    Unicycle Love: 


    We know the effects of not getting enough water while riding in hot temperatures. What would happen if you drank too much water? Believe it or not hydration can actually be harmful. There is always the case of too much of a good thing. In rare cases, people have been known to die from over-hydration-induced water intoxication. Here's how you know that you've gone past your limit.
    Mild Symptoms of Over-hydration:
    * Nausea and vomiting
    * Headache
    * Changes in mental state (confusion or disorientation)
    * Bloating (you're retaining water!)
    Severe Symptoms of Over-hydration:
    If things progress (and you don't scale back or get treatment), over-hydration can lead to dangerously low levels of sodium in the blood (doctors call it hyponatremia). This can cause super-severe symptoms such as:
    * Muscle weakness, spasms, or cramps
    * Seizures
    * Unconsciousness
    * Coma
    * Death
    How Can Overhydration Be Prevented?
    Weigh yourself. Endurance athletes weigh themselves before and after a race to determine how much water they have lost and how much they need to replenish. Know your limits... One liter per hour is the maximum!
    Pace your hydration. Hydrate properly before and during your exercise to avoid over- hydration post-event. Sip, don't chug! For everyday water drinking, sip slowly, and often, to make sure your body feels hydrated and quenched.
    Balance with sports drinks. Again, don't overdo it. Mixing in a sports drink to your hydration will help you replace electrolytes, sodium, and potassium-these things are lost in sweat, but not replaced with water. A low-sugar option, with about five grams per eight-ounce serving.
    Talk to your doctor. Above anything, your doctor knows best. "If you experience excessive thirst or an overly strong urge to drink water, contact your doctor before you develop symptoms-it could indicate a medical problem that requires treatment."


    Till next month, happy pedaling!
    Team Unicycle.com
  • The Adventure of Loving your Unicycle


    Here is a story that shows the adventure of loving your unicycle.
    Benjamin "Sky" Horne of Brevard, NC has pedaled the TransAM Trail in 2010 without the benefit and extra weight of a second wheel. Just the year before he hiked the entire 2,178 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

    "I hope to dispel the belief that unicyclists are only performers," Sky told us during his trip, which he rode solo and self-supported. "I carry only seven pounds of gear, only what I truly need. There's a strong correlation between the weight one carries in his pack and the weight of his responsibilities."
    An example of his strategy for minimizing weight was his tentless sleeping arrangement: a 14oz Montebello thermal sheet, similar to what rock climbers carry for bivouacking, along with a 6oz sleeping bag cover and a 10oz sleeping pad.

    Sky's unicycle was a 19lbs Nimbus with a big 36" wheel powder-coated in a color known as Frosted Night. In particularly windy conditions, like those often dished out in Kansas, Sky said he held to a riding position where his body was cocked to the side, "acting like a sail, increasing resistance,but making balancing easier."
    In Prineville, Oregon, Sky was interviewed by Lon Austin of the Central Oregonian, "When it rains, my brakes don't really work, and it gets a little slippery on my pedals," he told the reporter."But rain actually feels good. And it's motivating when a downpour starts, because then you really want to get somewhere and get out of the weather.
    "Unicycling is a combination of muscle memory and reflexes,"he added."Anyone can learn to ride. It just takes an incredible amount of persistence. You don't really ride a unicycle as much as you control it. When gravity is putting pressure on you [on downhills], then you have to put back pressure on your pedals, which can ruin your knees. Going uphill you just have a positive force against you, which you can kind of fight against. That's much easier than resisting gravity." Sky averaged an impressive 70 miles a day, clicking along at a nearly 14-MPH pace and pushing as high as 20mph for short distances on flat ground.
    "For me, the struggle is mental,"he said."I can't coast down hills and take a breather. If I lose focus for even a second, I fall off the back of my unicycle."
    Till next month, happy pedaling!
    Team Unicycle.com
  • Are you prepared?

    Are you prepared?
    We want to keep you prepared for the unexpected! When is the last time you inventoried or checked the contents of your riding/hydration pack? Empty the wrappers out and make some room for new snacks!
    Here is a list you might consider to keep you rolling happy and safe:
      • Your I.D., emergency contact information and allergi es on a laminated card, cell phone.
      • Any of your favorite snacks, gels or bars to prevent bonking and low blood sugar.
      • For flat repair: 2 x tire levers, patch kit, spare tube and hand pump or Co2 inflator.
      • If your pack has a water bladder in it make sure it does not have mold in the bladder or hose.
      • For any other mechanicals an assortment of metric allens or allen pack (multi tool) and a pedal wrench will come in handy to keep you riding.
      • It's also smart to have random bolts. Your unicycle uses 4mm and 5mm bolts. And pedal pins just in case you lose them while riding on the trail or road.
      • If you plan on spending hours on the road, trail or back woods, a basic first aid kit and emergency blanket are good to have, and a light rain jacket.
      • Other useful things you can have with you would be a few zipties and some duct tape.
    We hope this helps you.
    Team Unicycle.com
  • Unicycle.com NZ closing March 31st


    We are sad to announce the closing of Unicycle.com in New Zealand. Unicycle.com New Zealand has been part of the Unicycle.com family for the last 12 years. We appreciate everything they have contributed to the wonderful sport of unicycling. With changing circumstances with the team, they have decided to close the store.

    We would like to thank Steve Pavarno, Peter Bier and Tony Melton for their massive contribution to not only Unicycle.com but also the Unicycle community in New Zealand. They are not disappearing, they will still be seen on the unicycle scene, but will just not be running the unicycle store.

    The store will be having a closing down sale and will actually be shutting the doors on the 31st March. So do visit the site for picking up your bargains.


  • 18 Hours Scouts Honor and 6 Hour Scouts Honor Race - Unicycle Division!

    Liz Wilson, James Richardson and Aaron Brown all went as unicycle riders.  This was a weekend event held in Maidens, VA, Sat Sep 19 - Sun Sep 20, 2015.  We are so proud of all 3 of these riders who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the race! Way to represent guys!

    12047764_10204824776086970_1330036955_n 12025287_10204824773886915_881457935_n12047589_10204824773926916_1772224399_n 12042287_10204824773846914_1249935893_n 12029198_10204824802607633_1031334175_n 12053390_10204824802727636_2088483205_n12048652_10204824778367027_94617198_n

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