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Lightweight Unicycle bag which makes transporting a 20” Unicycle easy and inexpensive.

The Mesh Unicycle bag is new take on transporting your 20” Unicycle, normally unicycle bags are expensive and hard to get your Unicycle in and out of. This bag gets round this with its simple design, you can dump your 20” Unicycle in the bag with its pedals still on and be on your way. Another key point is that the bag only has a single strap, which simplifies the bag, making it easier to use and more importantly easy on the budget.

This bag is perfect for when you need to take your Unicycle on public transport, where sometimes you are required to have your Unicycle within a bag. The bag also can be a used storage solution, when you get in simply leave your Unicycle within its bag and hang the bag up.

Weight: 475g


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