Unicycle.com 12" Tini Uni


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product description

Ideal first unicycle for very small children. This unicycle is designed to be small enough for children under 5 year olds and even as young as 2 years old.

Saddle: Miniature plastic seat with moulded foam upper and hard plastic bumper 
Frame: 12" Steel frame with split bearing housings 40mm 
Wheel size: 12"
Tire: Indoor/street tyre with Schrader valve
Rim: 12" Steel Rim
Spokes: 20 spokes 
Hub: Miniature UDC 20 spoke cotterless hub
Cranks: Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - 90mm
Pedals: Mini Pedals

Weight: 6lbs.

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:

Minimum - 32cm (12.5") (the seat on this model is not adjustable in any way)
This size is measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes.

These unicycles are intended for children and not recommended for advanced tricks or adults.