Nimbus Titanium 20" Frame Set - 300mm

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product description

Designed to be the best freestyle unicycle frame on the market. This frame forged the creation of both the Eclipse and Equinox as we know it. We have had this frame hanging on the Museum wall, we feel it will be better served assembled and used. There were 50 of these frames made, roughly 30 of them were setup for trials/large volume tires up to 2.5" and the rest were made into freestyle with the max tire width of 1.95". 

Weighing only 600g and comes with Titanium bolts and bearing holders. Meticulously built for riders who want to build the hardcore lightweight unicycle that will never rust or corrode. A great addition for the freestyle or trials rider that wants an edge on the competition!

Titanium is much stronger than Steel or Aluminum (by weight) making this frame one of the strongest and considerably lighter than the CroMo frame.



* Super lightweight construction 
* Frame: Titanium 3AL-2.5V frame, 100mm spacing
* 42mm bearing 
* Reinforced seat tube 
* 25.4mm seatpost size
* 28.6mm seat post clamp size - included
* Fits tires up to 2.5"
* 120mm wide ovalized knurled crown - ideal for stand-up tricks 
* Natural Ti Finish bead blasted and laser etched   


Type - Unicycle:
Color - Frame:
Bearing Size:
Wheel Size:
20 inch