Exceed Carbon Unicycle Saddle - Black

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product description

The Exceed Carbon saddle is the first complete carbon saddle on the market. The saddle comes ready to install, no messing around installing inserts or adapting foam or covers to fit.

This design has been developed and tested over the last 5 years. The brief was to create a lightweight, solid durable saddle suitable for all forms of Unicycling. We think this has been successfully achieved as the saddle is super stiff, lightweight and has options to fit your unicycling discipline.

The saddles carbon base is constructed from 5mm thick 3k with a clear coat finish. It has built in bolt inserts designed to fit the standard rear bumper, seatposts and most handles. We also have a range of three handles to fit your personal preference.

As this is a premium product, it comes with stainless steel bolts and a special plastic seatpost protector to prevent any stress raisers being created by badly fitted seatposts. The saddle is topped with a newly developed high-quality light weight foam. This offers both additional comfort and an extended life.

This saddle is customizable to suit your riding discipline or personal preference. There is a choice of two foam thicknesses and three handles:

  • Thin Foam
    Riders that prefer less foam on their saddles, for grip when holding the saddle. This could be the Trials, Flatland, Street, and sometimes Freestyle riders.
  • Thick Foam
    Riders that are going to be sat on the saddle for longer, this could be Muni, Road or even the Freestyle riders.
  • Big Handle
    This is the latest handle from Impact after feedback from riders which requested a larger handle. The smooth design helps to not snag or catch while riding and the length offers more options for grip.
  • Big Handle (with hole)
    Same handle as above but with a large hole allowing you to grip it more like a traditional handlebar. This not only offers you greater grip when general riding but also allows you to use the brake without any loss of grip. As fitted to the Nimbus Stadium/Air Saddle.
  • Small Handle
    This is the shorter/small version of the big handle for people that do not want a massive handle out the front of the saddle. This is important when doing freestyle tricks and sometimes riding trials.


  • Weight: 680g(+/-5g) (Thick Foam + Big Handle), 645g(+/-5g) (Thin Foam + Small Handle)
  • Seatpost fitment: Standard
  • Bolts: 10 x M6 Stainless-Steel bolts.
  • Handle fitting: Impact/Nimbus
  • Cover: Removable
  • Foam: High Quality Light weight

Each base has a unique serial number.