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Kris Holm 36" Road Unicycle 2017

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Product Description

The KH36 is a top quality unicycle designed for on and off-road riding over longer distances. The large wheel diameter provides stability at high speeds and an external disc brake gives secure stopping power. An abundant use of one-piece forged components ensures high strength and durability.

Most of the world's speed records have been established on a geared KH36 including the current 10 km and 24 km world records by team rider Scott Wilton. This is the unicycle that can truly replace a bike for road riding.

This unicycle features a Fusion One saddle, a fundamentally new approach to unicycle saddle design. Correct setup is important! We recommend adding a T-bar handle for most riders (not included). Click here for more information on the saddle and click here for an important setup guide.


Saddle: KH Fusion One (blue) with front lift handle and brake mount
Seat post: KH Pivotal 27.2 x 320mm, sand blast black
Seat post clamp: KH (black) Double Bolt, aluminum - Click Here for Replacement
Frame: KH 36" (Signature Blue) 7005 Forged aluminum machined bearings, disk brake mounts, Seat tube length is 110mm, horizontal crown width of 93mm
Hub/axle: KH Spirit ISIS (black) 36H, Forged CrMo one piece, 100mm center bearing to center bearing
Spokes: 14G stainless black (367mm in length for 3X) with brass silver nipples (360mm using KH-Schlumpf)
Rim: Nimbus Stealth2, 36" (black) 36H, 42mm wide, reinforced eyelets, aluminum 
Rim strip: Blue vinyl
Tube size: 36" x 2"
Tire: Nimbus Nightrider multi surface tire, max air pressure 65psi (1750g)
Crank arms: KH Spirit (polished) 127/150mm, ISIS splined, aluminum
Pedals: Wellgo (clear) plastic platform with blue Cr-Mo axial and pins, 9/16 threads
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm
Brake: Shimano Deore-level Hydraulic Disc Brake, 180mm rotor, mineral oil
Approx. cycle weight: 7.6 kg, 17 lbs.


All Terrain
Minimum Inseam Length:
30.5" (77cm)
Type - Unicycle:
Type - Seatpost Clamp:
Double Bolt - 27.2mm
Seatpost - Diameter:
Color - Frame:
Color - Rim:
Anodized Black
Type - Crank:
Crank Length:
Type - Pedal:
Bearing Size:
Cycle Weight:
17 lbs.
Wheel Size:
36 inch
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  1. KH 36 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 10th 2017


  2. My son deserved Kris Holm quality!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 5th 2016

    My son Rich Sherwood age 41, is a hard riding off and on-road unicycle rider and has been a Kris Holm follower for years. I finally bought him a Kris Holm 36"....he's thrilled! My son appreciates every detail that went into the design...This was a real treat for a single dad with 2 children who usually get all the fun stuff.
    Dad deserved the best.....Kris Holm style

  3. Quite an adjustment, but worth the effort 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 31st 2016

    I've been riding for a year now. Started on a 24", then a 29". My KH 36 arrived a few weeks ago and I was excited but apprehensive. Once I figured out how to free mount the beast, I spent the first 4 rides cursing the Zero saddle and resigned myself to the fact that I would have to purchase a traditional seat post so I could go back to a more "normal" saddle. I hated the Zero saddle!
    By the end of the first week, I had made several adjustments to the Muni T-handle, and I found that I could at least tolerate the Zero until I could order a replacement (the t-handle has to be ordered seperately).
    By the end of the second week...I loved the Zero saddle !! Once I found the right tilt of the seat along with the right height and extension of the T-handle, everything seems to fall into place and now I can ride very long distances without having to stop due to the discomfort that I had always experienced with traditional saddles.
    As for the unicycle itself.....I'm thrilled with it. All the comments from previous reviews are right on the money. A high price, but a very good value. You really do get what you pay for with this one.

  4. Simply The Best! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 30th 2015

    This is my fourth uni - I have 2 20"'s and a 26" inch muni. After trying a friend's older KH36 model, I purchased this immediately. I have one Sun unicycle and two Nimbus unicycles, for reference. Wow! Quality is absolute top notch. This is the Mercedes-Benz of unicycles. As another reviewer said, you really get what you pay for with this uni.

    The Zero saddle takes A LOT of getting used to. It's very stiff, & shaped differently than other unicycle seats, so it will take a few rides to properly break in & get yourself in the habit of sitting on it correctly.

    I also installed the Kris Holm Touring T-Bar, which is great for steering & stability, & also helps you adjust your body to stay comfortable during long rides. It's a must-have, in my opinion, especially with the angle of the Zero saddle (allows you to adjust the saddle angle so you're sitting on it correctly.)

    I have put 100+ miles on this uni over the past two weeks or so that I've had it and I could not be happier! Simply the best!

  5. Solid Engineering 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 3rd 2014

    I just got my new KH 36 and they did a nice job on the engineering. I
    had a 36 before in the $500 range before which I rode 2 miles per week for 2 years and it just didn't hold up. Everything on this one is precise with no flex and it should last a long time.

  6. A Solid 36" Uni 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 14th 2013

    I am relatively new to unicycling and bought this unicycle after riding about 2 months
    on a 24" Uni and about a months on a 29" Uni. Like everyone else I debated
    whether to buy a 29" or a 36" as my next step-up.
    One factor was whether I am tall enough for a 36". It is the resolution of this consideration that I mainly want to pass on to potential buyers, not so much to
    review this unicycle's quality in detail. My inseam is 30" ( basically wear pants
    with inseam 30"). I thought I could ride this UNI initially with 165mm cranks because
    I wanted more torque and not so much speed to start with. Wrong! I could not
    reach the pedals with 165mm. Fortunately switching pedals to the 137mm holes
    allowed me to ride it but that was too high a gear ratio. So, I ended up re-ordering
    the default 150mm/127mm cranks. I also was losing about an inch on the seat post adjustable "ring" that comes with the default seat post. Nice design but it costs 1" in extra height. I ordered the other KH seat post which is not adjustable but has the same 27.2mm shaft diameter and cut it short with a hack saw( to about 4" shaft length). Without the "ring" that was on top of the original seat post which is used for pitch adjustment of the seat I gained another 1" of badly needed height. With the 150mm cranks and the non-adjustable seat post it is a perfect fit for my height. So, those of you who are about my height you might want to do some calculation before ordering.
    The UNI itself rides like a Cadillac, so smooth but of course with more inertia
    compared to a 29" so turns are slower and wider initially until you learn how to adjust for it. For long distance riding either a 36" or a geared 29" is the only way to go. I think that mounting a 36" in some ways is easier than mounting a 24" because for an average weight person the 36-er doesn't roll back with right foot pushing too much on the right pedal at the time of mounting due to high wheel inertia. So for walk-mount or jump-mount the 36 is easier than the 24 or 29.
    But also it is a much higher height to push up for a short person ( 5'7" in my case).
    After about half an hour of feeling vertigo on your first ride you get used to the
    extra height. I also added a set of cushy Dr. Scholl's in-soles to my shoes to soften up those unwanted descents from up there to tierra firma.

    Overal I am happy with the quality of the product. It is very solid with nice contours that makes it look slimmer than some other brand UNI's I have seen. I like the slim but solid look. I wish KH would offer at least one more color option like orange or something a bit brighter. The dark blue is just too boring. I especially like the design of the cranks with two holes and the option to add a disk brake which I opted to have.

    Happy Riding...

  7. Top Notch Quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 22nd 2010

    Every aspect of this unicycle is amazing; stiff frame, awesome wheel, versatile tire, sweet cranks, and a comfy saddle are only a few of the things that make this such a sweet uni. I have been commuting 10 to 15 miles a day on this thing since I bought it and I am thrilled by how much fun I'm having by bombing around town both off and on road. This is really one of those cases when you "get what you pay for" and I'm happy to say that it is money well spent.

    Thanks for the awesome customer service.

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