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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What Size do i need ? What color ?


Our unicycles are available in many sizes and colors. To order the right unicycle size for you, simply measure your inseam (the distance from the floor to crotch, with shoes on), and use this information as a guide.

  • If your inseam is 21 inches, consider ordering a 16-inch unicycle;
  • If your inseam is 23 inches, consider ordering an 18-inch unicycle;
  • If your inseam is 24 inches, consider ordering a 20-inch unicycle;
  • If your inseam is 30 inches, consider ordering a 24-inch unicycle;
  • If your inseam is 33 inches, consider ordering a 26-inch or larger unicycle.

A list of our unicycle sizes and available colors:

  • 12-inch: chrome
  • 16-inch: chrome, red
  • 18-inch: chrome, yellow
  • 20-inch: chrome, blue, green
  • 24-inch: chrome, green
  • 26-inch: chrome, red, blue, grey, yellow
  • 28-inch: chrome
  • 36-inch: chrome


Circus Unicycles

The most popular size for performers is the 20-inch unicycle. The smaller tire is easy to control, yet large enough to support the torque required for tricks.


Mountain Unicycles (Muni)

To traditional unicylists, this is a curious sport. At popular events around the world, one can see large numbers of otherwise sensible adults riding one wheel up and down steep, unpaved and uneven hills. Their appetite for adventure may be considered a bit extreme, but we applaud their fortitude.

The general concensus among muni riders is, the 26-inch unicycle is best all-around performer. If you're into climbing, order your muni with longer cranks (5-1/2-inch or 6 inch).


Unicycling for Fitness

For round-the-town riding, we recommend the largest size you can comforably mount. We prefer the 26-inch or larger unicycle. If you live in an area with steep hills, consider ordering your uni with longer cranks (5-1/2 to 6-inches).

We suggest that you start your fitness riding in small increments. If you're a new rider or haven't ridden in awhile, keep your distance to about a half-mile for your first week. You'll experience some saddle-soreness at first, but that'll ease up. Expand your distance about a half-mile each week. Make it fun!


Unicycling Tips:

Saddle Soreness: One popular way to reduce saddle soreness: remove the foam padding from inside your unicycle seat and replace it with a 12-inch tire tube (available from Unicycle.com, of course!). Pump up the tube to your satisfaction!

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