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Why its important to wear safety gear

My name is Zach and I am a junior at the University of Georgia. One day I was riding to an advising appointment around 3pm. I ride my 29 inch unicycle to and from classes to basically get around campus faster. Unicycling is a great form of exercise. When I ride, I try to be safe so I always wear a helmet and wrist guards. I used to not wear wrist guards. The sidewalk taught me my lesson when I was mounting my unicycle and it came out from underneath me, causing me to fall forward. I landed on my knees and hands. Both my knees and palms were scraped up really bad but nothing broken. My scrapes took a while to heal and the process was very painful. From then on, I wore my wrist guards. As I was on my way to my advising appointment, I was riding on the sidewalk and decided to cross the street. Normally, I hop off my unicycle to cross a street but I saw no cars coming either way so I figured it would be faster to ride across. As I rode across the two way traffic, I looked ahead to see if any cars were coming. Within seconds I was flying off my unicycle towards the pavement. I had failed to notice the large dip in the middle of the road. Instinctively, I lifted my arms up to prevent my body from hitting the ground first. As I hit the ground I began to slide toward the sidewalk, stopping a few feet before it. I stood up quickly to check what had been damaged. Worried about my wrists, I pulled off my wrist guards to see if anything was broken. I had full function and movement. Total damage: a small scrape on my knee, a tiny cut on my ring finger, and my pants were a little torn. The wrist guards saved my wrists. I fully believe that I would have broken one if not both of my wrists if I was not wearing them. My palms would have been crazy bloodied from the fall. Yet, there was no damage and I was able to keep on riding. The company I got my wrist guards from is Hillbilly w/ no fingers. The wrist guards that saved me are still in great condition and fully capable of saving me many times in the future. I’m glad I was wearing my wrist guards.