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Unicycle.com/Nimbus is pleased to announce 2 new Sponsored Riders to the Unicycle.com Team!

Liz Wilson - Female Mountain Unicycle Division





My name is Liz Wilson
I'm 51 years young, have worn many hats for work and in life but am happiest when wearing a helmet. Unicycling started as a young girl, providing many smiles and enjoyment. On July 4, 2013 I grabbed a mountain unicycle to see if I could ride. It immediately reminded me of the fun part of life. MUni has returned the smiles and laughter of youth.
To meet other unicyclists I started attending races. I've participated in several Endurance races, XC races and local events for fun. Totally looking forward to NAUCC and UNICON 17, my first unicycling events. Hope to meet you all there :)
Unicycling is a fantastic sport and gives us balance in life.

 Sponsored Rider Video of Liz



Richard Tharrett - Freestyle Division




 My name is Richard Tharrett, age 13 and I am a freestyle unicyclist. I live in Macomb Michigan with my parents and sister. I got my first unicycle for christmas in 2010 and taught myself how to ride in my basement. I am currently a level 6 USA unicyclist and ready to test for level 7. My goal is to achieve level 10. I am also a member of the (RTUC) Redford Township Unicycle club in Michigan. There's not a day that passes when I have not rode my unicycle. I plan to participate at NAUCC annually and in the future Unicon. I love the sport of unicycling and hope to continue unicycling for the rest of my life. I not only practice freestyle but I also love

Muni, Racing, Long-distance, and a little mix of the rest of styles of unicycling. HAPPY UNICYCLING !


Sponsored Video of Richard