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Sep's Latest News As His Journey Is Almost Done

Well as always it has been awhile since my last entry!

I went back to Sri Lanka and spent a very relaxing time in Negombo.  Just enjoyed the country and
relaxed.  Next stop Dubai for two days, then on my way to Casablanca.

I really liked it in Casablanca mostly because it wasn't littered with tourists.

Took a tour of the King Hassen II mosque.  It is the third biggest in the world and open to tours.

This building is truly impressive.  Friggin huge is an understatement.  Finished in the 1980's with some incredible stats to go along with it.  Thousands of workers ,24 hours a day at an estimated cost of over

5oo million euros!  This number is believed to be three times that much but nobody really knows for
sure.  It holds 25,000 worshippers, has a retractable roof, and is basically solid marble.  While waiting
outside the guards kept telling me I couldn't ride on the mosque property. Trouble was they were
speaking French and I don't do French. I was approached by a man who introduced himself as a writer
for an Austrian mountain bike magazine and he needed some pics.  Of course I rode on the property for
him and I was again told not to ride.  I left my uni with the guards when I went inside, and when I came
to get it, it was inside the mosque.

I went back inside to get it and they wanted me to show them how.  I
said to come outside and they said "Do IT HERE"  So I wasn't allowed to ride outside but I did ride inside
the Mosque!!  I offered to double my guide and she used the best excuse yet,, "I AM PREGNANT"HAHA!!

Whatever else nature does there.  We gave our shopping to a man that made me look like a newborn and
he went to work.  Clay cooking pots with coals retrieved from a larger firebox the cooking would take
about an hour and was done in the street.  Shame of it was that has been my only sick day and I needed
to toss it somewhere.  When I returned from my "Walk" I sat on my butt in a six foot square brick shelter
with a straw mat on the floor.

The food in this RESTAURANT was close if not the best I have had in the
last seven months!!