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Sep's Journey of World Travels' Continues

Oct 22nd

Sorry for my tardiness, but you know, I am also on a vacation!  

Zaporozhye, Ukraine is a very industrial town with little to see and even less tourists. Come to think of it I haven’t seen a lot of tourists anywhere!  This could be because of a crisis or just because I am in areas that nobody else wants to see.  The weather is not that nice hovering around 8-10 Celsius. Riding is confined to more of the same flat city stuff, YAWN! Time to go to Kiev!

Zaporozhye airport is a military airport and at 6am it is still dark.  Language barrier is still a problem, signage not much better.  I am ready for a break with language for sure.  I met a Ukrainian fellow that lives in Toronto.  He was very helpful with the details of what and where next. He was in the horse import/export business for Drisage.  I think it is fascinating the people you meet while travelling.  

Kiev is a beautiful city!  Wow!  Definitely  some serious history too.  Again riding was limited to the city as my time was limited.  This is a city worth going back to and I wish I had more time here.  

I am in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka now after a six day stopover in Dubai.

India didn’t work out for me as I didn’t plan far enough in the future.  Apparently, even as a Canadian I need a visa for that country!

Dubai was a great stop for the wow factor if nothing else.  It is a city that looks like a scene from the “Jetson’s” movie.  Elevated highways, six or eight lanes going between buildings and it looks as if the handrails are touching the balconies. I needed to buy some new board shorts as the temperature has gone to about 37C.  I love it.  I went for a ride that wasapparently going to be 3K each direction.  Not bad in this heat, so off I went.  Well, she had no idea of distance it was more like 10K and the heat made it feel like more.  Along the shoreline past the old style trading ships through the “souk” markets with all the merchants trying to get me to buy from them.  Gold, spices,clothing fruits and nuts, you name it, it is here. Some were willing to try the uni which is always fun.  I have had more smiles, laughs, and positive reception here in the first 12 hours than my entire time in Europe!  I rode the length of Jeimera beaches 1 and 2 which were not very busy at all.  

Leaving the beach I found a mall, Mercado was the name.  There is no shortage of malls here.  First thing in the door I see a Starbucks.  Well, at least I know what my Americano is going to taste like!  

Riding back to the hotel was scary to say the least. There are no provisions for bikes here at all!  I am literally riding in the traffic.  I am looking for a bridge to cross that is all I have to go by.  Like usual, I do not have a map to follow.  The desert sky is losing it’s light and I am kind of lost.  Down through some underpasses, overpasses, crossing several lanes at a time, I am definitely anxious to find my way.  I obviously did live and it was one of those great experiences that I won’t be eager to try again for a week or so.

I found the mall where I could go snowboarding so of course I had to try.  $50/2hours includes clothes and gear.  Not cheap but I had to do it.  Next off to a different mall to watch a hockey game.  This is just like home except the sweltering heat between venues.  I had a winter day in Dubai, and it was good fun.

Also check out this link for a race I am riding in Perth Nov 21st while I am in Australia. The link is to raise money for the 53K fund raiser; http://www.everydayhero.com.au/septimo

Until next time,

Cheers, Sep