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Sep's Continuing Adventure

Sorry about the delayed Blogging of Sep's adventure as all of us at Unicycle.com have been busy with the Holiday rush.  Below is a couple of Sep's E-mails grouped together.

Here is a mapped out overview of Sep's complete trip on Travellerspoint.

Sep participated in the Great Bike Ride in Australia, here is the event highlights video - click here!

Sep has sent this Report below of how much fun He is having experiencing life in different cultures.

Wow, Am I slow at keeping the whole Blog thing up to date!!
I would seriously recommend Sri Lanka for a vacation to those of you that like to play in the countryside.  I hired a private driver and saw the countries finest areas.  I arrived in Colombo and went south on the coast to Dehiwalla.  You could smell the spices in the streets and I couldn't wait to eat!   Met locals easily with the uni in tow, they are all very curious.
I was invited to their home for tea and King Coconut.  The King is like a natural Gatorade to the locals and I must admit I like it a lot.  Hikaduwa was next, a small beach town that is making a name for itself in the surf world.  This is where I met my driver, Chammi.  I told him I would like to do a circuit south , loop thru the center of the country and return to Colombo in about ten days. Price was negotiated at $50/day.  He presented me with some ideas and there were two that I couldn't resist.  Stay with his family in the mountains at Ranadala, and to spend a day and night with the local natives near Dambana!
His families home was perfectly tucked into the jungle hillside.  They harvest fruits, tea and cinnamon.  Extremely hard working family with a rich history in the struggles for survival in Sri Lanka.  Chammi's Mom prepared a fabulous meal in an open oven /stove using all natural earthenware.  She crushed the peppercorns and chilies on a mill made of stone.  Dinner was very good to say the least!  Wow do they know how to make food taste good here!!  After dinner we went out to explore they took their tuk tuk and I on the uni.  After our ride we all went to the local shower and got cleaned up.  A natural spring water shower coming off the mountain!  Incredible life they have!  Got into the local drink, ARRAK, and paid the price in the morning1 HAHA!
Over the next few days we made our way ELLA, rode up Little Adams Peak mountain and then went  for Ayervedic massage and shiro dana and a nice steam bath.  Took the train through the mountains to NURA ELLIYA.  beautiful country like travelling through a vegetable garden.  Also more tea plantations than one could believe.  Got a place to stay and went into the center on the uni.  I was ambushed by the locals.  They were all trying it and having a great time.  A tiny little bright white girl from Austria came by and showed the locals how easy it was and of course they all wanted to help her and try after she was done!
Beer, was $0.50/glass, this place is for unicyclists!!!
Travel next day to the base of "Adams Peak" the big one.  This is where the believers feel Adam, and Buddha first arrived to earth from the heavens.  Several religions come here annually to worship.  The trip is a 14km hike in total and there are 4800 stairs on route each way!!  Yes, it is a grueling hike and hard on the knees, not to mention the heat.  Most do it at night and are there for the sunrise.  I have seen plenty of those so we went in the daytime.  The men from the Sri Lankan army, now there is no war, were carrying 25kg bags of sand, cinderblocks, cement and various other things up the mountain for maintenance three trips a day!!
Next morning we go to KANDY.  I went for a ride to go play in traffic and that is when I met her!  She is a stunning Sri Lankan girl with a smile that could stop a train, or me too for that matter.  She agrees to ride me, as she calls it, so we go to the park for pictures.  Now you have to appreciate that this is not typical behavior in Sri Lanka.  Women don't just do this here.  Well I can say she was worth the wait and I am so happy for the photo we got.  That evening Chammi and I go to see the traditional Kandy Dancers.

DAMBANA and the local natives are the next stop.  Off into the jungle we go! We get camp set up late in the afternoon and prepare for a night hunt!  Now hunting here is a little different because you get the feeling you may be the hunted!  Snakes were my biggest concern.  No worries and no luck either.  Two of the locals went out after and brought back an animal that had white rings on it's tail.  They just put the whole thing on the fire to burn off the fur.  Scrape off the fur and cook some more.  Remove from fire, clean and cook in spices.  Serve over rice.  OK, I ate it but it was tough!  Tasted like meat with burnt hair and a lot of spice!  I slept on a rock flat on my back and they laughed at me for being so relaxed sleeping in the jungle!
SIGIRIYA, one of the original civilizations in SL.  A solid chunk of rock some 6oo meters in the air with a settlement on top!  Very impressive.  Lots of history here, look it up online if interested.

Return to KANDY, yes I know!!!  Plan for a day to go white water rafting.  We had a blast! Got tossed out of the boat and you can't help but wonder what is swimming with you.  Guides say " keep your feet out of the water crocs go after the whites of your feet" HAHA I am with brown people and my whole body is white!!!  Drop the girls off and head to the airport for KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA