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Sep with good news, continuing his 7 Continent journey

Hi all,
All is well with me out here. I am trying to leave Zaporozhye tomorrow.  I want to go to India next.  I will keep you posted and will call soon.  Here is some more pics you can view.
Cheers, Sep

Hello from Zaporozhe, Ukraine

Well I survived Amsterdam for the second time in my life so that is a good thing!  Nothing seems to change there, much like where I live in Antigua, Guatemala.  The sites are great to see but after that it is just a party.

I had the fortune of staying with friends in the small town of Wapenfeld, just outside of Zwolle. About one and a half hours from Amsterdam by train. It is beautiful there with all the fall colours and typical country lifestyle.  Windmills, thatched roofs, canals and the odd goat.  I was able to ride every day as there are trails everywhere from town to town or just into the forested areas that surround. People would just look and wonder what the heck I was doing and why the circus was in town)).  They all knew that I wasn’t from around these parts!  Of course language was a problem once I was out of the city as well.

I rode into Zwolle one morning and while trying to fulfill my challenge from Amy I met a little girl that was riding her little pink unicycle!  Now I know where Josh get’s his ideas for colour schemes!!  I was able to say a few words to her through my Dutch friends, we had a good photo with her and off she went.  Considering the number of bikes in Holland, unicycles are definitely not a common mode of transportation.  When will they learn, it is just better??

Next stop,  Odessa, Ukraine.  Now you want to talk about a language barrier?  Now I know how Armstrong felt when he stepped out onto the moon!  When I would ride up on my unicycle and ask if they spoke English there were two different responses;  A look of WTF???  And those that looked at me like I was out on some kind of day pass from the institute!!  Needless to say it was difficult to find things.

For those of you that have done this type of travel you understand, for those that haven’t, it is a rush and it is a blast to find yourself in this predicament.  Odessa is a clean city with a beautiful opera house in the center.  I found and rode down the famous stairs of Odessa, all 197 of them!  They are a perfect size for a 24” wheel, thanks to their constructors for keeping us unicyclists in mind!

From Odessa I took a three hour bus to Nikolayev which basically has one nice street.  It is very nice for walking only lined with shops, cafes and the likes.  I toured the shipbuilding museum which was very interesting to see the other side of world war preparations from the past.  I wasn’t able to read anything but the museum is full of scale models, photos and paraphernalia. When I left they had sized my unicycle for some military hardware and think it may be useful in the future!  HAHA.

When preparing to leave Nikolayev, Zaporozhe was the next city of choice.  Now, Zaporozhe in Russian starts with the number 3 not a Z.  So when I went to see about a bus ticket there were some issues.  No English, a Cyrillic alphabet and really no idea where I was going!  I bought a ticket hoping it was correct.  I went to the wrong gate and luckily when I went to find out what time it was they put me in the right direction.  The bus had a city name on it that started with a 3, this is a good thing, right?  OK my understanding is six ( chez ) hours.  Well, six hours pass and I ask a man beside me. Zaporozhe?  Nyet! So I wait and now it is starting to get dark.  Where the heck is it??  Ten and one half hours later I did arrive in Zaporozhe!

Cheers ‘til net time,