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"Over 50, and not "2" Tired!" Is Not Far From The Truth...

Terry sent us a great write up including video of him conquering Fargo Hill. The ABC News Channel covered his story as well. This is below Terry's write up.

Fargo's Street’s Annual Hill Climb Challenge, 3.6.11 Terry's Official Video

It is the steepest street in Los Angeles--by far--and one of the very steepest paved streets in the US. I first climbed it successfully on 2/23/11, while I was training, and decided to go for it, and I made it to the top, and then almost collapsed! I had never previously hit my MHR, which theoretically is 165 (220-my age, 55), but during my climb, my heart rate monitor was well past 170bpm, for at least the last 250 feet of the total 530! My V02 was maxed out, and I was well past my anaerobic threshold! My lungs felt like they were on FIRE, and the burning sensation didn't subside for a good 24 hours!

Fast forward to the annual event day, on 3/6/11. I was extremely apprehensive about doing this climb again, or whether I could even do it successfully again! With hundreds of cyclists (all 2-wheeled type!), some media, spectators, my LBS sponsor and also my brother, I didn't want to let them down! Plus, I knew I would have to contend with, and navigate my way up the hill with bicyclists! They try to space the riders out when they start, but bunch-ups can still occur.

So I stretched and took some deep breaths, mounted my 24" MUni (with lighter kenda road tire at 90psi) and started my ascent! About 100 feet up, I was expecting my lungs to start burning like before, and the lactic acid to start creeping into my legs, but it NEVER happened! With only 50 feet left to go I was feeling strong, and determined to make it.

As I crested the top, I felt both relieved and excited, and this time, instead of almost blacking out from exhaustion, I thrust my MUni into the air in tribute to my brother Gary, waiting nearly 600 feet below! I got my "finisher's patch", and after a few minutes rest, I rode back down--with my hydraulic brake on FULL--to the start line. Back at the bottom, I gave a couple interviews, then changed my shirt, and felt so great to have done what I set out to do.

The organizers, who have been hosting this event since the early 1990's, said that I am not only the oldest, but the ONLY person to have EVER successfully climbed Fargo street on a unicycle! They say that "a couple others have tried over the years, buy none got very far".

So a reporter from the Orange County Register interviewed me for a while, than asked if I could just "pretend to ride up the hill for 20 feet", so he could snap a few shots for the paper; he had arrived late, and hadn't seen my climb. So I agreed, and casually mounted my unicycle to ride my "short", 20 foot climb. He got the shots and said thanks, but I decided to keep going...and going...and...I did the whole climb AGAIN! Two for two!

I think I even got to the top faster the second time! Honestly, I don't know where I got the stamina to do it again, but I felt so good after, that I drove another 30 miles to Cheesboro Canyon, and did a fun, 10 mile MUni ride on my 29er!

I would love to see someone else try climbing Fargo Street on a unicycle sometime, and I'm pretty sure that Fargo would be like nothing they’ve ever climbed before!

A freelance videographer, Alex Acosta, just sent me a link to this video he shot Sunday, about the Fargo hill climb challenge event, on 3/6/11.
He also produced and edited it at his studio, and it's very professional quality. My interview is included towards the end.

I got a call from a producer at ABC 7 yesterday, after they had watched my Fargo climb on youtube. They asked if I could send some raw footage of the climb so they could run a segment on the news at 11pm. here's the video. Not only great publicity to show that extreme unicycling is a serious sport, but also a great plug for the event!

From what they told me, the 11pm news has MILLIONS of viewers! Plus, I think they also shared the segment with their affiliates nationwide!

Terry Your Awesome! Keep on riding and inspiring us all.
Team Unicycle.com