en-US Unicycle.com Just another WordPress weblog Sat, 28 Nov 2015 09:25:14 +0000 http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/?v= http://www.unicycle.com/blog/ 18 Hours Scouts Honor and 6 Hour Scouts Honor Race - Unicycle Division! Liz Wilson, James Richardson and Aaron Brown all went as unicycle riders.  This was a weekend event held in Maidens, VA, Sat Sep 19 - Sun Sep 20, 2015.  We are so proud of all 3 of these riders who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the race! Way to represent guys!

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Terry Peterson on his Oregon 26! Photos by James Richard Kao.  He writes:  "A couple new shots from Wednesday's shoot in Manhattan Beach with Terry UniGeezer Peterson on his Nimbus Oregon 26.   We had to resort to Plan B but made good use of our time there, always fun working together and coming up with creative shots!"

Nimbus Oregon 26" unicycle

Terry3 Terry4 TerryP TerryP1 TerryP2

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Zero Point Sid is riding across Alaska on his 36er unicycle! Zero Point Sid is riding across Alaska on his 36er unicycle!  He writes:
FAIRBANKS!!! Yup, the Dalton has been unicycled. Yesterday Mimi became the first unicycle to do a complete crossing of Alaska's Haul Road. Today we rolled into Fairbanks after 800km of pedaling in 13 days with 27000 feet of up and 27000 feet of down. There was lots of riding on gravel and loose, slushy mud, snow blowing in our faces, two intimate moments with bears and so much more. Heck, we even rode down Atigun Pass in a whiteout on the edge of control. Exciting! Excruciating! Exhilarating! Exhausting! Thanks for all the support on this page and especially to all the wonderful folks I met on the way. Now, we rest and ice our joints and beer up. Then we get to the easy part: the few 1000km more down the Alaska Highway. Good times!
sid10 sid9 sid8 sid7 sid6 sid5 sid4 sid3 sid2 sid1 Sid
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We love to post about what unicyclists are doing out in the world! We love to post about what unicyclists are doing out in the world.

Josh Hartman writes:

A unicycle. Slow, deliberate, and controlled. Unicycling is not about miles. It's about feeling the rocks and roots. 110% of your attention devoted to what's beneath you. It's always an adventure and always an accomplishment. A unicycle is simple, but unicycling is not. Balance must be earned and falling is a daily occurrence. For me, life is unicycling. A series of challenges. A balancing act. A journey.
Let's go on this journey together, earning every mile and taking only what we need. Let's exist minimally so that we can be free. Let's always have a camera ready and never pass up a photo opportunity. Let's stop to talk to locals. And let's put away distractions and learn about where we are. My name is Josh Hartman and I am a mountain unicyclist. Follow me as I share my visual story.








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May Poll Results Unicycle.com

How did you get into unicycling?

1. When I realized I needed a challenge - 188

2. I decided to lose the training wheel - 122

3. Skateboards have too many wheels - 29

4. Everything else failed - 28

5. I want to ride like Kris Holm - 26

6. My Dad rides and it looked like fun - 16

7. My Mom rides and it looked like fun - 12



Fri, 19 Jun 2015 13:59:22 +0000 http://www.unicycle.com/blog/may-poll-results-3 http://www.unicycle.com/blog/may-poll-results-3 amy@unicycle.com (UDC Team) UDC Team
March Poll Results  


How many miles do you put on your unicycle per week?

1-5 miles    -  48

6-10 miles  -  42

To the Moon and back!  -  33

11- 15 miles  -  26

46 - 50 miles -  12

21 - 25 miles  -  11

16-20  miles    -  8

26 - 30 miles   -  7

36 - 40 miles  -  3

41 - 45  miles   -  3

31 - 35  miles    -  2

Wed, 22 Apr 2015 16:32:45 +0000 http://www.unicycle.com/blog/march-poll-results-2 http://www.unicycle.com/blog/march-poll-results-2 amy@unicycle.com (UDC Team) UDC Team
February 2015 Poll Results: This proves anybody can ride, cartoon or not. This proves anybody can ride, cartoon or not.







Do you still have your first unicycle?
It's in a Museum - 23
No, I rode the wheel off - 42
No, it's in the Police Impound - 14
I lost it in a lake! - 7

Thank you for voting.
Team Unicycle.com

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December Poll Results SantaReindeer

Which set of unicycles would Santa use to pull his sleigh?

Santa is riding his own custom unicycle to deliver all the toys!  - 96

12 - 36 inch Commuter Unicycles  -  58

2 - 36 inch, 2 - 29 inch, 2 - 26 inch, 2 - 24 inch, 2 - 20 inch, 2 - 16 inch -  37

12 - 24 inch Muni Unicycles - 25

12 - 20 inch Freestyle Unicycles - 25

12 - 16 inch Beginner Unicycles - 25

12 - 29 inch Road Unicycles - 17

12 - 26 inch Club Unicycles - 11

12 - 19 inch Trials Unicycles - 11

12 - 12 inch Beginner Unicycles - 7


Did we miss any kind of unicycle or combination of unicycles that Santa would have used to pull his sleigh?

Mon, 05 Jan 2015 15:17:05 +0000 http://www.unicycle.com/blog/december-poll-results http://www.unicycle.com/blog/december-poll-results amy@unicycle.com (UDC Team) UDC Team
September Poll Results dustin&KatieWhat device do you use to track your rides?

None - I just go out and rider  - 92

My brain - 25

Smart Phone - 20

GoPro - 13

GPS - 11

Bike computer - 10

Animals - 5

Did we miss any other ways to track your unicycle rides?

Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:00:27 +0000 http://www.unicycle.com/blog/september-poll-results http://www.unicycle.com/blog/september-poll-results amy@unicycle.com (UDC Team) UDC Team
Richard Tharrett - Sponsored Unicycle.com/Nimbus Rider at NAUCC Hi Amy & everyone at Unicycle.com

I have been doing great! I just passed level 7 before Naucc.

Naucc 2014 was my second year and it was a blast.
Here are the events that I participated in and what I placed.
Beginner Trials : 13-14 male 2nd place
Hockey: My team placed 3rd
10k: 0-16 male 4th place.
Obstacle course: 6th place over all 13-16 male 1st place
Track racing:

One foot 50m: 13-16 male 1st place. 

100m: 13-16 male 1st place.

Wheel walk 30m: 13-16 1st place.
400m: 13-16 male 2nd place. Expert race: 4th place
800m: 13-16 male 2nd place. Expert race: 5th place

Club group RTUC: 3rd place 

Advanced group RTUC: 2nd place
Individual Expert Male: 4th place.
Muni downhill advanced: 12-13 male 1st place.
Muni uphill advanced: 12-13 male  2nd place.

Muni cross country advanced: 12-13 male 1st place.

Criterium Unlimited:
Expert male: 8th place
 0-16 male: 2nd place
Overall Distance Champion:
0-16 male 4th place.
Expert male 22nd place.
Overall Track Champion:
Expert male: 9th place

13-16 male: 1st place

Tue, 15 Jul 2014 15:27:09 +0000 http://www.unicycle.com/blog/richard-tharrett-sponsored-unicycle-comnimbus-rider-at-naucc http://www.unicycle.com/blog/richard-tharrett-sponsored-unicycle-comnimbus-rider-at-naucc amy@unicycle.com (UDC Team) UDC Team