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2010 Fall Down on the Farm Muni Fest.

This Fall's Down on the Farm Muni Festival was a great time.  Lots of tractors and riding.  Beau Hoover was the Special Guest for the weekend.

Here is Beau's unicycle time line:

16” Semcycle
* Received on his 6th birthday, learned to ride day before 7th birthday
* Unicycle was destroyed by friend’s minivan!
20” Miyata
* Rode to elementary school (1.2 miles) in 2nd grade
* First MUni, as he went on 10 mile rides with his dad and other guys
20” United MUni
* Received on his 9th birthday, 2.5” Monty tire allowed for better off road riding.
36” Hunter
* In November 2004 he got his first long distance unicycle when he could finally reach the pedals.
* The unicycle (and Beau) rode in 12 countries which included the Alps and Laos Uni Tours and competed at Ride the Lobster in Nova Scotia, Canada
24” Yuni MUni
* Received on Christmas of 2004 - Replacement for outgrown 20” muni
* Eventually started bending cranks on every ride and had to switch to splined cranks
24” Kris Holm MUni
* Received November 2006 and replaced the Yuni
* Competed in races at California, South Dakota, Sweden and New Zealand
36” Kris Holm Geared
* In July 2008 during Unicon in Denmark he received the uber fast unicycle and took 2nd place in Expert for the 10km
20” Kris Holm
* Received Christmas 2008
* In Japan for the summer of 2009 and performed solo in front of 1,300 people
* First place in advanced flatland at Nationals in Berkeley
* Stolen at the end of that Nationals :(
20” Kris Holm Flatland
* Received August, 2010: Absolutely beautiful
* Dominates at amazing flat combos
* Taking it to DOTFMW

Beau has also unicycled in 18 country's.

Here is a highlight of his travels:

* Competed at Unicon X in 2000
* Rode and unintentionally coasted on the Great Wall
* Almost started a riot while riding his unicycle at Tienanmen Square
* Attended Unicon XII in 2004, 1st place in age group for Muni cross country
* Spent summer of 2009 training with Team Toyoda, performed solo in front of 1,300 people
* Stormed the border on Alps Uni Tour
* Played at the national mini golf course
* Discovered this wonderful country on the Mediterranean Uni Tour
* Struggled through pronouncing cities (like Ljubljana)
New Zealand
* Helli-MUnied down a vertical mile
* Unicon XV, 2nd place in Basketball (with Berkeley Revolution) and 2nd place in Expert MUni Cross Country
* Unicycled through the Mongolian Steppes
* Did trials on Genghis Kahn’s house
McLeod County
* Attended DOTFMW and the wedding in 2008
* Practiced in the barn in 2009
* Special Guest for DOTFMW in 2010!